Exorcism and Deliverance Prayers Have Been Updated

Just wanted to advise everyone that as we continue to modify and improve our site, we have been updating different sections on a regular basis.

The Most recent section – Exorcism Prayer has just been updated.

Many people today think of evil infestation of a person in the terms of Hollywood Horror movies… this is not necessarily the case. Evil usually posses an individual in a more subtle fashion. Entering someone’s Soul thru harsh emotions… such as anger, hatred, despair, greed… or even vanity – pride. And evil will often come as something which appears beautiful or tempting on the surface…. just like some of the nature’s most beautiful, brightly colored creatures… stunning on the outside… but often the most poisonous and destructive on the inside.  Read More


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  1. Hi prayer of Exortism although has the line built his church on firm rock…the gates of he’ll shall never prevail.. that part of the prayer is AWAYS missing from every download why should the words be altered so often. Also surely it is the blood of Jesus that is our defence against Satan the devil and not the most sacred heart of Jesus. I find all the most important part of the prayer is omitted. Thanks

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