10 Jesus Christ Appearances from Resurrection to Ascension

At a minimum, the catholic Church recognizes at least 10 unique appearances to others of Christ after his resurrection til the moment of his ascension into heaven.  On the Internet, you will see
claims of only 6, some as high as 14.  However, Saint Augustine in his book De Consensu Evangelistarum (Harmony of the Gospels from about AD 400) catalogues ten appearances of Christ that were specific in the Gospels.

But Saint Aquinas notes, “But, as John admits, not all things were written down. And He visited them frequently before He went up to heaven,” in order to comfort them. Hence it is written (1 Corinthians 15:6-7) that “He was seen by more than five hundred brethren at once . . . after that He was seen by James”; of which apparitions no mention is made in the Gospels.

Blessed are they who believe without seeing.

Blessed are they who believe without seeing.

  1. Mary Magdeline, “the women” on the way to the tomb (sepulchre)
  2. The same women on the way back from the sepulchre
  3. Peter
  4. Disciple named Cleopas was walking towards Emmaus with another disciple, they met Jesus… in the course of the meal they recognized him.
  5. To the disciples (not including Thomas) on the same day of the Resurrection
  6. To all the disciples including Thomas. This was a week later, indoors, and resulted in the famous doubting Thomas conversation.
  7. To “Simon Peter, Thomas called Didymus, Nathanael from Cana in Galilee, Zebedee’s sons and two other of his disciples”, by Lake Tiberias – Caught The Fish
  8. the eighth was on the mountain of Galilee, according to Matthew;
  9. occasion is expressed by Mark, ‘at length when they were at table,’ because no more were they going to eat with Him upon earth;
  10. the tenth was on the very day, when no longer upon the earth, but uplifted into the cloud, He was ascending into heaven (Ascension Thursday)

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