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jesus_and_childI set up InDefenseoftheCross as a personal website to be shared with others.  In this world… which seems to have gone Mad… there are amazing signs and wonders of Hope in the midst of evil.  God is indeed real… God is Alive… and he has not abandoned you.

Remember, 11 of the 12 Apostles experienced a Martyr’s Death – because they would not deny Christ’s Life… and most importantly… They would not deny his Resurrection.  Ask yourself… would anyone suffer a cruel death, some even crucified upside down… for a lie?  Of course not…

Where As other religions have founders who have long decomposed,  buried in the dirt…. It is only Christianity… where Jesus Christ, Begotten of the Father, The Son of God… is still alive today… and will be until the End of Time. 

There is indeed but one God – One Supreme Being – and it is the God Of Abraham… Manifesting himself thru Jesus Christ… and spreading his divinity, blessings and guidance upon us today… thru the Holy Spirit.

And Our God… A Loving and Just God… has commanded us to “Love One Another”

But let us be clear… Loving our enemies does not mean embracing… or accepting the evil actions of your enemies. If we did… Christianity would long have been eliminated off thedefending-christianity planet… and tyrants like Hitler would rule us all. Evil would have gone unchecked. In addition, organizations like ISIS transcend an “individual” and establish themselves as “Organizations of Evil”. Enemies of God himself… and subject to his wrath. In the Days of the Ancients… It was David that was used as God’s tool to bring his wrath upon the enemies of God’s people.

We as Christian’s… dedicated to peace and love… are also obligated to defend those who can not defend themselves. From unborn children…. to living individuals… There is no greater love than to lay down your life for another.

If we can physically stop the brutal killings and torture of others… it is our obligation to do so. But not out of revenge…. not out of hatred… but out of our Love for our other brothers and sisters who cry out for our assistance… even if they are not Christian’s. We are Protectors… Defenders of All of God’s Sacred Life… but even a Shepherd will kill a wolf if the sheep’s are about to be devoured by that Wolf.

Also, please keep in mind, the words of Christ’s mother Mary… “If man only knew how long Eternity really was… he would do everything in his power now to live a good life during his brief stay here on earth… in order to secure an Eternity in God’s Kingdom”

My hope is that this site might get you thinking again about the greatness that awaits all of us in the Kingdom of God.  We must always remember.. that no matter how bad it gets… no matter how much others curse you, persecute you, hurt you….

Christ’s Ultimate Victory over Evil is the root of our faith.  Love One Another!  Peace to you

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  1. Ding Cervantes | February 23, 2021 at 4:59 am | Reply

    Good day Sir/ madams:
    I am thankful to ha ve encountered your website. May I please suggest that quotes from the supernatural be given the information on who is being quoted, when the statement was made, and to whom the message was directly given. This would establish credence in every quote. God bless.

  2. Hi. Are you a ministry that involves miracles? I am looking for a ministry for healing and deliverance.

  3. Amy Skalicky | June 21, 2020 at 11:24 am | Reply

    Could you please provide the source for the quote from Mary, “If man only knew how long Eternity really was… he would do everything in his power now to live a good life during his brief stay here on earth… in order to secure an Eternity in God’s Kingdom”? Thank you!

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