Music For Prayer

Music to help you pray and relax your soul …

I have been told by many people that they come to this website to help them pray and to listen to the soothing music in a loop so that they can relax.

Let’s face it…Sometimes its just hard to pray. With everything going on all around us, how do we relax and clear our minds in order to really pray and have a conversation with God. This list of songs will help you clear your mind, forget your problems and is great background music while you pray to God.

Please excuse the Google Ads that may or may not appear when music plays…. its the only legal way I could share this music with you. the Ad’s are run by Google.. not me. Sorry 🙂

Just Click the Play Button in the middle of the below Picture (look s like a gray box with white arrow) to begin… Enjoy

Songs that will play automatically –