Earthquakes will increase – Seas Will Continue to Die

Earthquakes will increase – Seas Will Continue to Die

The world will continue to shake… the things men once held sacred… will crumble down around him. Man will cry out for mercy… and find his calls go unheeded.

Your Seas are dying, Your Crops and Forest’s are burning… and now your buildings begin to crumble. Yet even now, you still stand in defiance of the Lord…

Now… Cities once built to last for hundreds of years… will crumble in minutes. All across the World they will lament you.
The Harshest punishment will strike his most beloved… because the act of betrayal hurts so much greater from one whom he entrusted with it all.
For after the Hour of Mercy.. comes the hour of justice. And that Justice, Mercy and Judgment are reserved for the Lord himself.

Now.. Watch the skies…. Watch Jerusalem…. the hour draws near.


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