Tunnel of Darkness

A Tunnel That Took Over 50 Years To Go Through

I want you to imagine for just a moment, going thru a tunnel so vast… so long… that it would take a person more than 50 years to pass thru it. As one enters that tunnel, their eyes would quickly need to adjust to the ensuing darkness that surrounds them….

Diabolical Times

Where is this Madness Coming From? The origin of the battle we are fighting today… In Defense of the Cross… was born out of the ancient turmoil of Angels. From the moment the Great God Almighty decided to incarnate himself as a man… those fallen angels of light, who despised the…

Why Does Evil Exist?

Many People, especially Atheists, use the existence of Evil… as an argument against the existence of God.   In order to Defend the Cross, you must be able to answer the question… “If God does exist… and is all powerful, why doesn’t he just destroy Satan and Evil? Why was the…