List of Requests Needing Your Prayers

Many times, people feel alone or in despair when facing what appears to be an insurmountable obstacle in their lives. But do let allow despair to set in…. “When there is despair, let me bring Hope. Where there is darkness… Light!”

Please take a moment and review some of these requests below… and keep your fellow brothers and sisters.. and their intentions and needs… in your own prayers. Christ said that “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

  • Prayer for my marriage

    My lover for last 6 years has decided to leave me by sharing an apprehension regarding our relationship as his mom who is adamant in nature and is now ill due to old age cannot be convinced for our marriage and in mean time they started seeking another proposals and due to her ailments he has to satisfy his parents by marrying according to their choice by dumping me, who waited for 6 years.Both of us are 31 years old, I am 8 months older to him. They are latin catholics and I am born to Hindu parents , but got baptised 7 months ago. He says he has to get married to someone who is a catholic. He is a person who can easily be influenced by his beloved ones as he cant withstand the emotional melodrama

    Now he is in a fluctuating state of mind, sometimes he cares me much, sometimes he treats me badly depending upon the pressure he succumbs. After 4 years of persuasion his mother has somehow agreed to get us married, later for some prominent reason which she claims to be, she started brain washing him by magnifying the negatives of getting us married. She fears the society and church will isolate them as he gets married to a Hindu and wont let her body buried in the cemetry of their church and also scares i would snatch him from her. Their relatives also started blaming him as he kept worrying her in the name of our marriage. The pressure for so severe for him to tolerate and hence he decided to let me down and live for his parents by marrying according to their choice. He says he has some solid reasons to leave me.Soon his mom started seeking proposals for him . Until now they don,t even know that i got baptized

    Me and Jiju are still in touch with each other and have the same love and affection,but he has turned cold heart to me as the prevailing situations there doesnt allow him to express his feelings for me & accept me fully as his better half. I wish God interfere in this and soften his heart so that he can realise how much we love each other and let him accept me as his better half and his parents also accept me. Only his mother can take a positive decision regarding this. If she accepts me, then he is willing to be with me. But she is too orthodox and keep sticking to her decision by ruining the dreams and life of both of us who are still in love.

    As she is in a fluctuating health state, Jiju cannot talk in favour of me and silently he has to obey her. For some time he says he is not interested in anything and has no feelings Now his mom, has become an obstacle and is becoming a reason to separate us. We are deeply worried and in distress due to the unfavourable prevailing situation and is ripping us apart

    Please help me for my marriage with Jiju

  • Prayer request

    Dear Pastor
    Greetings in Jesus Precious Name
    Please pray for more than 12 people Young and adults accepted the Lord in their lives and waiting and preparing for baptism please pray that none of their family members nor friends and neighbors should not hinder them from taking baptism
    To grow our children ministry and slum children needs
    God bless you all richly
    With His Misssion
    Jagan and Daisy Mohan
    Maloya Prayer House chandigarh
    North India

  • Employment Situation

    I need prayer that I can get through my job situation. Through a mistake I made, I was put on leave of absence from my job pending, I complete a Return to Duty. process before my employer reinstates me to my position. Pray that GOD helps me complete it- ASAP. So I won't loose my job. I have a family to provide for.


  • Please pray with me in agreement

    Pray in agreement with me that my son Kelsea be released from all charges that has been brought against him. He is innocent and I know this without a doubt, because I asked God to reveal to me if my son is innocent. God gave me an answer that same night.

    God I humbly put Kelsea charges against him in your hands. You said in your words that whatever we ask for it will be done, so I ask that my son be released soon. God you also said in your words that if we seek, we shall find, so I seek justice for my son. You as well said in your words that if me knock, the door will be opened, so I am knocking on heaven's door for you to pore out a miracle for my son. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  • In need of a bigger house

    Holy father I am asking you today to please help me get a bigger house and get out of this place we are living I am also praying that my daughter passed her exams and gets rid of the anxiety my daughter needs her own bedroom this house is rotten with dampness and causing my daughters asthma to give her breathing problems my elderly mum needs her own bedroom and I also need a bedroom of my own we are currently all sleeping in the one bedroom the housing department are of no help so please Holy father grant me a miracle they are building new houses all over our area please Lord make this happen for me and my family

  • Strength and wisdom, relationship

    I need prayer for a big decision and for my relationship with my girlfriend based around this decision. I think I've made the wrong spiritual decision about a future plan, but I'm not 100% sure.

  • victory in my settlement

    (prayer) prayer) please help me and prayer it's been over a year now and i have not got my nj workers compensation settlement my lawyer has not been to court yet and he keep tell that he will be in court to talk about my settlement i even had to change my job please pray and help me to move my lawyer to get this settlement case over that i can have a peace of mind thank you in the name of jesus christ amen.

  • Debt relief and financial boom

    Prayer to clear all my financial debts and financial stability.

  • Debt relief and financial boom

    Prayer to clear all my financial debts and financial stability.

  • Miracles in Job

    Lord- please help me in my job. I have made some terrible mistakes and have owned my mistakes. Help me to be a better person and send my angel to me today to bring a miracle favor- mercy, grace, forgiveness, second chances and divine favor are mine in the name of Jesus. Amen

  • Double life drug addiction

    I am getting ready to marry the mam of my dreams. I am fighting a 25 year addiction and he knows nothing about it. It will break his heart and he will possibly leave me. I'm tired of this life and want to find myself again. I'm lost and want to tell him but don't want to loose him. Please pray for me.....

  • Prayer for Job breakthrough

    Please pray for God to seal a job offer to me through an interview door which He opens in March. I need the job desperately.

  • Wattch over mary c.

    .EMERGENCY Prayer
    Father-God, Watch Over
    Mary Carreon, for her Safety and Well Being and Protection, who lives on Lebanon Ave, Alone From Lorenso medina, her friend, an Insure man, Issues dont agree with him, short fuse of Anger, Jealous of other men, who talk to mary C., feel she is in danger, when she's is alone with him, Lorenso.. HELPS her Father-GOD
    In JESUS Name Amen
    Thank YOU Father-GOD

  • Job

    Please pray for my work petition

  • For Groot to heal

    Please pray for Groot a Yorkie that just had surgery. For healing

  • ex came home

    How I Got My Ex Husband Back........... I am Vargas by name. Greetings to every one that is reading this testimony. I have been rejected by my husband after three(3) years of marriage just because another woman had a spell on him and he left me and the kid to suffer. one day when i was reading through the web, i saw a post on how this spell caster on this address [email protected] gmail .com , have help a woman to get back her husband and i gave him a reply to his address and he told me that a woman had a spell on my husband and he told me that he will help me and after 2 days that i will have my husband back. i believed him and today i am glad to let you all know that this spell caster have the power to bring lovers back. because i am now happy with my husband. Thanks for Dr. Ben . His email: [email protected] gmail. com or whatsApp him +18287990994

  • Kevin

    My son Kevin was taken into the Bee County Jail for suspicion of fatally stabbing a man.He has court Thursday April 11th. My son is innocent and I'm desperately seeking prayer warriors for my son to be set free.

  • Kevin

    My son Kevin was taken into the Bee County Jail for suspicion of fatally stabbing a man.He has court Thursday April 11th. My son is innocent and I'm desperately seeking prayer warriors for my son to be set free.

  • Prayer for my sister in palliative care with pancreatic cancer

    Lord, i humbly pray for my sister, Paula Holmes, a hospice nurse in palliative care for pancreatic cancer. Lord guide her and her husband to the best outcome possible. May her pains be diminished and she be able to eat better and maintain hydration and remain mostly functional. Lord if it could be thy will, not my will, might she be restored to continue the good works she has done in the past in helping those like her now who suffer. To you be the glory. Amen

  • Deliverance

    Please pray for Daniel to be released from police custody

  • Mrs

    Please pray that my appointment letter will be signed so that I can start work and eventually begin a new life.

  • Son

    Need to get to know god

  • Need a miracle..

    In need of deliverance and freedom from the things that I cannot specifically pin-point.. please pray as I have been going through spiritual warfare and have been going through a difficult season. In need of wisdom, insight, revelation, and wanting to know Jesus Christ more! Please pray that God would transform me from the inside out and that I would be at peace within my soul and my heart! In need of a miracle and a major transformation! I want to be completely and totally whole!! Thank you!

  • God's great grace and protection over my family and I.

    Asking that you would please pray for me for wisdom, protection, great grace, mercy, financial blessings, and deeper intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ! Please also pray for my family: anyone that needs to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior in my family.. and please also pray for God's great grace, protection, mercy, and blessings for them as well! Thank you!

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  • Supernatural Miracle Healing & Wholeness

    Praise the lord. please touch and agree with me that in the mighty name of Jesus our savior heals Javon body complete of ALL SICKNESS & DISEASES and makes me whole. im in need of supernatural miracle. My wife is also dealing with infirmity in her body. i have made my request known to God and petitioned him to do it. God who forgiveth all thine iniquities who healeth ALL thine DISEASES. where 2 or 3 touch & agree he will be in the midst. i know he is able. i take all limits off of God. For with God NOTHING shall be IMPOSSIBLE. I know all things work together for good. thank you. i love you. im praying for you that Our father will bless u and your family and your ministry. In Jesus name. Amen Im also believing God to release a financial blessing that i can be a blessing to the kingdom

  • Healing

    Please God heal me from bipolar disorder and depression and restore me to normal daily functioning back now and always thank you in Jesus name amen thanks to you all for the prayers amen

  • Save girls from my fraud brother in law

    My brother in law is characterless and goes for black magic and offers scarifices and now by telling lie prospects of his life he wants to propose girls for marriage and in this fraud my husband, few friends, relatives and brokers are involved. Please pray that let all girls reject his proposal for marriage and let girls life be saved. Please pray to save girls life.pls urgent.

  • Save girls from my fraud brother in law

    My brother in law is characterless and goes for black magic and offers scarifices and now by telling lie prospects of his life he wants to propose girls for marriage and in this fraud my husband, few friends, relatives and brokers are involved. Please pray that let all girls reject his proposal for marriage and let girls life be saved. Please pray to save girls life.pls urgent.

  • Prayer for salvation and protection

    Please pray urgently for my sons Russell and Sydney living in fornication and rebellion against Gods word. Pray for my daughter who recently moved back home after breaking up with her boyfriend to get a job and heal from the mental verbal and physical abuse she was in and draw closer to God. Pray for My inlaws who are prideful and unforgiving with a jezabel /Ahab spirit that is tearing their family apart. Pray for my brother Mike who is addicted to drugs and has probation violation, committing adultry and uses our mother. Please pray for my mother Edna suffering from mental illness has been in the hospital for the 3rd time this year for mental illness. Pray for my sister Tracey who is living in adultery with her daughter Keva's ex boy friend she and the ex boy friend are on drugs and her marriage is in trouble both her and her husband have been unfaithful in their marriage pray for restoration of her marriage and family. Please pray for my nieces and nephew and my children who are drug addicted or alcoholics. Please pray for my entire family to receive salvation in Jesus Christ to humble themselves before the Lord and repent of their sins and forgive each other. Pray that the attack on my family ends and the generational curses would be removed and all that was lost would be restored. Pray that this ungodly relationship between my sister and her daughters ex boy friend ends. Pray that my brother in law Doug would have courage and wisdom to be the spiritual leader provider and protector in his marriage. Pray that the drug addition and alcohol abuse would end and that they will be healed in all areas of their lives. Please pray the enemy would be defeated and salvation,righteousness and holiness would be restored to our family. Also pray for my husband james health to be restored and for me and my husbands peace we are weary of it all pray all that has been stolen from us be restored tenfold We ask it all in Jesus Name Amen

  • Heal Our Broken Relaionship

    Please pray that God forgives me for my anger, the things I've said and done. Pray that my my mate forgives me too. Please ask God to put us on track for marriage and return our hearts to love and compassion for each other.

  • Drug addiction

    Deliverance from drug addiction for my son Clifford

  • Bind and cast all evil spirits into hell forever

    In Jesus name, i plead Your blood, declare & decree You bind & cast all evil spirits from universe into lake of fire in hell forever. Amen


    We break all curses and generational curses against the body of Christ. We tear down all the devils' strongholds. We bind all evil spirits of the devil and demons and cast them into the lake of fire now and forever without any hope of escape for eternity. Amen

    In Jesus name (Yeshuah Hamashiach in Hebrew) we declare that it is written that the gates of hell shall not prevail. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ
    (Yeshuah Hamashiach in Hebrew) is Lord of Lords and King of Kings, in heaven, on earth and under the earth to the glory of God the Father. There is no way to God the Father except through Jesus Christ our mediator who sits at the right hand of God as our intercessor. God the Father wants His precious holy Son Jesus Christ to inherit all glory, power, honour, praise and worship for the price He paid at Calvary with His obedience to His Father and no-one else. By faith through Jesus' grace we are saved. Not by works so no man can boast.


  • Protrction

    God spread his protrction over God to protect me 4 sons mother Chelsea Tracy from people who devoruing our family n dwellings n lives who been in the lord present up to 80 years me 4 sons mother Chelsea Tracy

  • Left Ankle

    Humbly request healing prayer for painful left sprained ankle and that tendons and ligaments are intact and strong. Doctor recommended rest. It has been five weeks. By His stripes we are healed. God bless you.

  • Protrction

    God spread his protrction over our lives dwellings work church over me 4 sons mother Chelsea Tracy grandchildren children vashawn n jamar bishop n his family all our family children adult children grandchildren Deziman from generation to generation our Spiritual vows N over our Denmus power Sleep at night N our deligent power All gifts n talents N our church going N our belief n our foundation from kids up to present Of 80 years up to present N faithfulness unto god Up to 80 years up to present

  • Devastating Situation on 4/8/19

    I made a terrible choice and I need prayer ASAP! Tomorrow 4/8/19 the consequences will be revealed and this choice is going to cause my friends extreme problems, I may even lose my home and friendship. Please pray that this situation will work itself out. This situation is causing me unbearable embarrassment and thoughts of suicide.

  • Pritrction

    God spread his protrction over our lives dwellings work church over me 4 sons mother Chelsea Tracy grandchildren children vashawn n jamar bishop n his family all our family children adult children grandchildren Deziman spiritual dancing from generation to generation our Spiritual vows Nspituial walk for 80 years up to present an our Denmus power Sleep at night N our deligent power All gifts n talents N our church going N our belief n our foundation from kids up to present Of 80 years up to present N faithfulness unto god Up to 80 years up to present

  • Let GodJesus be everlasting Almighty forever Amen

    In the name of AlmightyJesus, let all living creatures, human beings and Angels praise, pray, celebrate, thank and be loyal to everlasting AlmightyJesus alone forever Amen

  • Please po ray for us

    Please pray for my family and our small business that we will be succesful and survive . We need God's help and support and your prayers. Pkease pray for the stress and anxiety and depression to be lifted from me and the mental and physical pain and problems it has caused.

    Pkease po ray for our finances and our private intentions.

    Thank you.

    John D.
    New Jersey USA

  • God protection

    My son Abhishek,Ashish,god protection
    and salvation

  • Gods ministry reveletion

    We came as a missionary in lucknow (north )from south India. My husband kiran called for Gods ministry. Now we are working in christian organization. We are facing lots of problem. We are praying for finance support for own ministry. We are praying for which place God want us to do ministry. I believe that God will speak through you.

  • Remove Satans hands off my husband

    Please pray that my husband comes home and our marriage is renewed and restored immediately . I need God to intervene in a mighty way. Save him Jesus and make him be the husband and man you want him to be. Also take the taste of alcohol from him as well as the anger and animosity

  • Work asap

    I need a job right now.I just lost everything due to having to leave a violent marriage .I fled with my dog and I'm in a tough spot spot right now. I need money for bills and I don't want to lose my dog please pray for me to find work that I can handle.

  • MAHEN AND Veena

    Please do help me and my wife Veena in prayer to overcome and be able to move to another house safely as we do have 3witch doctors living in the same house and who are our own relatives targeting us daily by putting blood and all kinds of ashes in and around the house daily basis and have challenged to kill us both if we don't leave the house for them. We are very sick and having severe health problems situations wife Veena is having a severe bleeding conditions since 2months

  • several prayers

    Miranda and her three girls: Madison, Meredith, Madeline, for more faith, love, hope, peace, power and growth. Salvation for their father. For me, car repairs. Salvation for family and friends. Blessings on my students. Personal wisdom and holiness on the job. God would bless my co-workers. My friend's brother went you on a drug tare. God have mercy. Thanks

  • God's power to locate me and family.

    -please kindly for mrs katunasa who has suffering from stroke for the passed 6 months.
    -please kindly pray for me (Spencer Mwiinga) i really need God's power to locate my life and family in order for me to do his will in jesus' name.May God richly bless you.

  • Protrction

    God to spread his protrction over our lives dwelling church work over me 4 sons mother Chelsea Tracy grandchildren n children Deziman vashawn n jamar bishop n his family Damajors exwife n 5 sons n wife grandchildren Clevel n his wife

  • Please pray for me

    I pray God that you bring a boyfriend into my life soon. One who is sweet, kind, loving, talented , understanding and handsome. I pray also that I continue to do well in my job and make some new friends soon. I pray that you take this anxiety and depression away from me and replace it with hope and faith. I pray for my future to be bright and that I become a better person everyday.

  • Help my marriage

    My husband of 15 years filed for divorce and left me and our three children. Please pray God would do a work in both of us and bring him back home to us. That God would reconcile our marriage and we would meet at the foot of the cross. There are so many past hurts that need to be healed so we can have a strong health marriage where God comes first. I pray God put the correct people in our paths at this time to help lead us back to where we need to be.

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