Prayer Request and Offer Thanks Form

If you have a Prayer Request and need others to pray for you or your intention, please fill out this form below:

Please remember…
“What you reap… you will sow. If your heart is of goodwill and your love of God is unconditional… you will see the Glory of God, the Glory of His Promises and the Magnificence of His Deeds done through your life and answered through your prayers.”

If you need to learn how to pray and need a miracle…. this link might help you… How to Pray for a Miracle

It is not necessary to put last names in your request.  God Knows All Things.  He Knows Who You Want To Pray For!

Also, If you pray for harm against any individual, the request will automatically be deleted. Prayer is for Peace and the Blessings of God… Not the Destruction of another child of God.

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