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  • I need a financial blessing

    Please pray for me for my needs are urgent. I need strong prayers so that I can get money so that I can get out of this cursed place and hole that I am currently in. Alot of oppression, misfortune and guile is the cause of this situation. I need prayers so that I will miraculously get money/job, for at this moment I have neither job nor money, I have not had any kind of work since the middle of last year. I am suffering. I need sufficient cash that I need someway somehow immediately to get out of this mess. I desperately and urgently need money and need it right away to get out of this hole, bad situation and this locality. Thanks

  • prayer request

    God bless.

    I ask for the prayer in intentions: for freeing from the sin of impurity, for power to the fight against thoughts and temptations for the sin, about God the Blessing, the care of Mary and the light and gifts of the Holy Spirit for me and entire of my family. God pay.

  • I beg your protection

    Glory to God,

    Many Thanks Saint Michael, for your Prayers during my fight with Thrombocytopenia.

    Now the evil has taken full advantage on my only brother "Sabic". As I have already lost my father under suspicious manner, now I am in deep danger of losing my only brother to the evil. I beg your urgent intercession to save our family. Please pray to God The Almighty to deliver / save my brother and my mom ( Kensily ) from all the evil tests / curses..

    Saint Michael, come to our assistance to save our family.

    Glory to God,

  • emergency delivarence

    sir iam kakkerla pramod from india sir iam suffering with severe evil spirits problem and severe demonic powers in head sir since two years iam suffering sir my parents taken me to many astrolagers and doctors sir they spend 3 lacs on me sir but there is no use with my problem my father got heart surgery sir my wife leaved me sir i did a suasaid attempt sir one person saw me and saved me sir now iam in iccu sir i did have energy to send message also sir i will catch your legs sir plz pray for me and save me sir

  • ms.

    I am being persecuted and invaded by someone close to me they have taken almost everything I have-including my joy they have used the Bible in clever was and slander please pray for me and my children to break free from there torture and control nothing has worked so far I need a miracle I my Lord Jesus' name.

  • To destroy all witchcraft

    my prayer request is that all witchcraft and blackmagic and hex's that were place on me to be broken and destroy by the power and blood of jesus christ.

  • family

    Pray for my marriage and family.Pray for health of Jim,Mallory,Jimmy,A.F Pray for Liz and Scott marriage and Aiden and Ella.Pray for Tom and Alysha engagement,new home,van,girls.Pray for Mary and Nate marriage and new home,cars,jobs,being pregnant,conversion,health.Pray for Ryan and Kylie.Pray for Ryan conversion,health,grades,jobs,finds good spouse and does well in college. G enjoys being with A and vice versa.

  • Need God's Intervention for my daughters

    My daughters, Marie & Nicole are on a destructive path full of rebellion & doing things that put them in harm's way. They were raised in a Christian home & accepted Christ as their Savior when they were younger. But once they reached 18, they began living a lifestyle contrary to what the Bible teaches. I’m a desperate mom wanting my daughters to be free from the lies of the enemy. I know God has plans for them & the enemy wants to destroy them so those plans aren't fulfilled. Pls help me pray for them to be set free to be the women God created them to be.

    Thank you,

  • my collegues who is the senior put grievence against me and now on investigation that i don't listen to her at work and i am send to another place to work

    That everything goes on well, and will bring back where i was working. the same place. i need it urgent.please i need this pray request.

  • visa and restoration

    May the Almighty God grant a miracle at my interview at the American Embassy next week granting me a visa to the u.s,a
    And also i want God to restore back my wife larissa nchifie desiree in JESUS name i ask and pray

  • Finances

    My name is olive anderson i am in need of at least $550 for this month i havd money coming to. Me need the. Person who owes me the money to get in touch with me so i can get it and get it over with having a hard time getting it

  • Healing for Luke

    Please pray that the love of Jesus flows into Luke's heart and life and heals him.
    Thank You

  • Healing for Luke

    Please pray that the love of Jesus flows into Luke's heart and life and heals him.
    Thank You

  • Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus

    Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus -

    I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return. Amen.
    Dear In Defense of the Cross, please pray for this prayer request above, and please share it with everyone, everywhere! Until it comes true, and Jesus returns to save His people - which hopefully, by then, will include all the people of the world!
    Thank You!
    God bless you!
    Leo Sourisseau
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    [email protected]

  • Healit

    For 8yrs I've had anxiety and depression. I've had fear over the nerve in foot. Two didn't work. Multiple drs don't know. Thyroid have taken multiple meds. Insomnia multiple meds and natural too. I can't stand having the anxiety anymore. I can't be around my kids or people. Anxiety is torture. I'm so tired. I'm thinking about ending myself. I am not really living anyway. I've prayed n listened to healing tapes but anxiety won't leave.

  • Healit

    For 8yrs I've had anxiety and depression. I've had fear over the nerve in foot. Two didn't work. Multiple drs don't know. Thyroid have taken multiple meds. Insomnia multiple meds and natural too. I can't stand having the anxiety anymore. I can't be around my kids or people. Anxiety is torture. I'm so tired. I'm thinking about ending myself. I am not really living anyway. I've prayed n listened to healing tapes but anxiety won't leave.

  • Prayer for my job

    I have completed my PG in Aug 2016 and till now I couldn't get into any job. I was waiting for one of my order these many days and I couldn't receive it yet and now I'm not able to go to any other job though I am not a fresher or an experienced candidate. Please pray for my job. My family is in great trouble and financial problem and my father doesn't have any job for past 2 years and we suffer lots and lot. So please help me. Please pray for me to get my order very soon. Miracle can be done only by god. Please save me god. Help me. Only if he think I can get it immediately. Please pray for that. No one except god can do it.

  • Deliverance for my Son who in a homosexual relationship

    Please pray for my son who is 18 and has decided that he is gay and moved out to live with another guy, This relationship that my son is in is not from God.
    I pray that God gives him a new heart and leads him to the right path that God wants him to be on. God mad man and woman and told them to multiply.

  • Breakthrough needed after lots of prayers

    May i ask for some additional prayer in this request. I work with M and i have always kept a secret between us from the rest of our colleagues and which i always will because i am very trustworthy. But sometimes this was not good for myself and at some point i became really quiet for the rest of my colleagues. I have also felt rejected and perhaps a bit used but i have always always been respectful never showed my anger towards M because i just wanted to keep professional and help him as wel.I have forgiven.I so much would like him to see what i have actually done for him and how much that has asked from me, how honest and trustworthy i have been, how he has treated me on his turn, and show him how difficult that must have been to have kept my hurt away and be professional at work, to not show my true emotions and how hurt and lonely i must have felt because of it. I tried to explain and have been able to explain very little because he does not seem to want to take time for it to see and escapes from it. Please show him.It hurts a lot. Show him that i become quiet around him because of all the hurts he has given me and the blindness around it. I need his help to show me that he cares and sees how much i have invested and feel hurt that he just moves on without mentioning anything ever again and never shows me he truly cares. Show him again that i have got all qualities he really likes but just seems to not want to see it anymore because it is too confronting or something(that is the way it feels for me but i might be wrong) Show him how difficult it must be for me. I have never asked for anything but love and understanding like i give myself,

    Love, Karin....sorry for the long story but i needed to "talk" to someone

  • Pray for my brother Emil

    Hello, people of Christ. I am asking for your help in prayer for my brother Emil. He is having chronic depression and the devil is trying to hurt him. Please pray that God will open up his heart to see that Jesus Loves him and wants him saved at any cost. I believe that God will heal and deliver him from satan and demons. In Jesus Name we pray together. Amen.

  • Finances. Healings

    My name is olive anderson i am in need of a special prayer i have a financial situation that needs to be resolved it is causing maritial problems in our marriage. My husband pays all the bills i need the financial means to help him. I need superabundant finances to help him this problem has been going on 2 long. Desperate. I have another financial situation. I need the lord to finally put an end to this month i am. Owed money need it resolved in my favor quickly my husband needs a healing for his eyes and diabetes i need one to. Job 4him and 1for me

  • Help

    Anyone pray for me have server anxiety and paranoid schizophrenia names Anthony help please pray that curses be remove

  • prayer for good fortune

    I ask for prayers for good fortune in relationships with women. I am blocked and have ben blocked for a long time. I ask for prayers to remoce blockges, misfortune and rejection from my path in regards to women. Thanks.

  • miracle

    I ned a miracle to pull me out of this hole that I am in. This hole of poverty, frustration, oppression, rejection, misfortune and lack of a life. Deliverance for Paul now!

  • need a money/cash/job blessing

    I need money and a job and financial prosperity. I have not had a real job since december 2015. I am totally bewildered and oppressed. Alot of misfortune and rejection. Deliverance now!

  • special prayer

    I have many problems with curses and misfortune, both generational and otherwise. If this bad fortune and curses are not broken now, I am going to be in big trouble. I am confused and lost.

    I need urgent and miracle prayers immediately. I feel dead and done. I think that a curse is over me and has been over me since forever and especially since the start of the year 2016 until now, it has been pure hell and suffering and obstacles. I really do not know honestly how I have survived until now. I need strong prayers so that I will be taken out of this mess by the power of the Jehovah God. I have nothing, lost everything and now just hanging on for dear life. Alot of injustice and wickedness have come my way. I am dying and drowming in despair. Cant rebuild and star anew, for I have nothing to rebuild with and to start new with. Just stuck. I need prayers so that I can overcome these obstacles now and that good fortune, a decent place to live, money and work will come into my life now. I am also having serious problems with finding a decent place to live. please pray so that someone somewhere, the authorities will grant me the help that I need and request. Just an open door I need. Just someone to open a door for me so that a decent place to live, a decent job, a and some institutional help and assistance will come my way. And now. Please pray that God and the universe will get me out of this mess right now, and find a way out for me miraculously, before it gets and worse. Thanks

  • Healing, respiratory difficulties.

    pray for Suzan Rainville, and Paul Langelier, for complete healing , They both can inhale, but cannot exhale or with great difficulty,
    medecine does not seen to help.
    also for Matthew and Quinten, have four children, are not married, and are not living together, and mother involved with drugs...pray for
    the children and a miracle, that they would forgive each other, get married and return to their faith. I ask in the Name of Jesus and Mary,
    through the intercession of Luisa Piccaretta, that the Father would hear my humbles prayer, make it its Command and be accomplished and completed in his most Holy Divine Will. Fiat.


    Dear sirs,
    This serves to still beg you to pray for me to be set free from strongholds that have always made going through financial difficulties for more than 25 years. A brother of mine is free mason , my mother-in-law is a voodoo worshiper together with others want my fall and death. It is serious. Something bad always happens to anyone tries to assist me financially. But so far God has been faithful to me. I believe nothing is impossible to Him. Please pray for me.


  • miraclr

    like to request prayer for myself for nothing less than a miracle overall blessings and safety but also for god to open up a way for me to get out of the verbal mental emotional abusive situation im in.i have hit my rock bottom thank u and god bless

  • Luke

    Please pray for healing for Luke. May the Holy Spirit enter his heart and life.
    Thank You

  • Re unite seperated couple God's Way!

    My daughter's husband has never put her first in his life, as God intended. He left a good paying job to do drugs and commit adultry. Together they have 7 children. I am praying that God would cause circumstanaces to happen to make him grow up, and put his wife and childrens needs before his. He is extremely immature and doesn't care about anything his wife or children need. It is my prayer that he grow up and become the husband that God intended him to be and to teach his children to love the Lord, and worship Him. My daughter is desperately seeking employment to help she and her children, currently she and her children are living in a motel room. I thank you for all your prayer help.

  • Holy Spirit

    Please Holy Spirit, come and be with me during my MRI today. I am claustrophobic and fearful of being confined. Please help me to be strong and to make it through the MRI without interruption. This is my second attempt and really need to get through this.

  • I need a Miracle God

    I need a Miracle God
    Please pray for me to remove all the obstacles from my life.. I am feeling suicidal, I have a small family to take care, and a 2 year old baby .. Help me ,save me please I beg of you everyone..please pray that I win my court case and get my canadian PR soon... please please please please I need your prayers.. Help me...

  • I need a Miracle God

    I need a Miracle God
    Please pray for me to remove all the obstacles from my life.. I am feeling suicidal, I have a small family to take care, and a 2 year old baby .. Help me ,save me please I beg of you everyone..please pray that I win my court case and get my canadian PR soon... please please please please I need your prayers.. Help me...

  • Needing a miracle from God

    I'm requesting prayer for a miracle spiritually and financially in my life. My desire is to do the will of God and to be able to give back into ministries that God lays on my heart.

  • Mrs

    Please pray for my husband's case in criminal court, wrongly implicated for financial fraud. The accounting expert is examining the evidence now. Please pray for a quick release from the case and complete exoneration from all charges. I believe God is fighting this battle for us. Nothing is impossible with Him. Time and again He has revealed through His Word that His salvation is near at hand. I praise and thank Him for the victory He is going to give us . All glory and honour to Him for this miracle!

  • Financial blessing

    prayer request for a financial blessing.

  • Healing

    prayer request for healing of facial skin,and my eye's for better sight,and arms,feet,hands,

  • Financial blessing

    My Prayer request is for a windfall of a financial blessing to get of the house that i live because of evil spirit that are causing trouble and financial losses.

  • Protection from all evil

    My prayer request is for protect from all witchcraft,hex's,blackmagic,voodoo,

  • mr

    pray that my plumbing would get fixed ,financial help, to be close to Jesus that he would fill my heart and life with his presence and draw me close to his sacred heart. set free from some sins and help on my job.

  • I need a Miracle God

    Please pray for me to remove all the obstacles from my life.. I am feeling suicidal, I have a small family to take care, and a 2 year old baby .. Help me ,save me please I beg of you everyone..please pray that I win my court case and get my canadian PR soon... please please please please I need your prayers.. Help me...

  • Finances for Medical Education

    Greetings please pray that I shall receive help from GOD with my finances for my MBBS degree/medical education, so that I can use my calling to help change the lives of people in the future, I am a male and I am currently from South Africa, thanking all that are praying with and for me, Yours Sincerely, Kailash Hariparshad


    Please pray for that God can help me to use something cut into my body in order to pray for not lost my salvation and my job whether to work in the Leisure and Culture Services Department or the Administration Wing, so that I can continue to preach the gospel (Jesus crucified) in my working place, sorry and thank you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-Men.

  • MR


  • Luke

    Please pray for healing for my Son, Luke. May he welcome Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother into his life and grow in love and respect for himself and others.
    Thank You

  • MR

    Loed please grant me this job position with MSF as WASH Assistant in Jesus Name. Amen.

  • family

    Pray for my family will have a safe and good night and good night sleep. A.F and family can lose weight, exercise and eat healthy.Pray for my marriage and family . Pray for Liz and Scott marriage and Aiden and Ella.Pray for Tom and Alysha engagement,new home,van,girls.Pray for Mary and Nate marriage and new home,cars,jobs,being pregnant,conversion,health Pray for Ryan and Kylie. Pray for Ryan conversion,health,grades,jobs,finds good spouse and does well in college Pray for Jenna and all women stay away fromG.F and vice versa. A.F will not be depressed/ Pray for A.F gets along really good with husband and his family and vice versa.

  • For Love and Prayer

    I pray for the complete recovery of my sister-in-law from breast cancer, strength and togetherness of her family; I pray for my sister and her children to be financially secure and to walk closer with God; I pray for the souls of Hilda, Clement and Louis. I pray to be financially secure, and to be a more loving, prayerful and dedicated daughter of God; and protection for Phoebe and me. Most of all, I thank God and Jesus for always listening to my heart, answering my prayers and comforting me when I'm in pain. xxx

  • lured into Satan's trap

    Recently a jealous proud neighbour abused us as we came home from Holy Mass. With his partner, they filmed my angry reaction and then attacked us. My wife was and still is pregnant. They hit me with a key in my head and kicked my wife. Then they called the police and showed them the footage of me being angry. Now I'm being prosecuted and have lost credibility at my workplace. I have to spend so much money on legal fees. I need true Christians to pray for us. Please pray for us as we battle the forces of darkness here in evil infested London. Thank you Jesus for saving us and our baby that wicked night. Please pray for us.

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People Offering Thanks and Praise to God!

  • Hello, I was praying for my boyfriend Abhishek for his job and for our marriage God heard our prayer and provided him with such a good job it's his first job each day I thank My Father Jesus Christ for providing him job.

    For our marriage still problem is there parents not willing searching other boy we are trying our best to win there hearts.

    We are praying for that still like how God provided job like that only God will.also provide us a happy married life with God's blessing and parents love we believe. Just that pray what we are praying is God's will so no one can stop us and we are walking in God our father Jesus Christ way.
    Thank you father Jesus Christ for being mine and Abhishek father taking us as ur childrens and providing us with all that we need thank you so much.

  • Dear God, I was in a car-accident today. I just want to thank you Lord. Thank you so much for everything. I don't have a scratch on me, my car is not majorly damaged even though it was a rainy and wet highway accident, no other cars were involved... Thank you God. I praise You today, also for chastising me. Thank you for caring about me, and for keeping me out of the gates of hell. Hallelujah to You my Creator and Savior Jesus Christ. John 3:16 Amen.


  • pray! for me i want to get good marks in exam

  • The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe. Proverbs 18:10 Lord Jesus Christ in Your Mighty Name I Praise You for keeping me from poisonous sprinkler systems and the poison pouring from it 3 days ago. Thank You for continuing to unveil the Cartwright like family and rich and powerful in the Spirit who are conducting Abominations against children and adults in SB while local law enforcement covers it up. I pray for continued hedges of protection and bringing these people into Your courts for Justice. And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? Lk.18:7
    Praise Him Thank Him Amen

  • Thank you AlmightyJesus for giving me happy, peaceful, prosperous and joyful life forever Amen

  • A541 helping out the lord king god queen creator rulers.
    A541 memoirs of Keith Trevor Larson.

    New World Order Bible.

    September 15, 2018

    I did not always start out rich and successful. I was with my mom who said “Trevor you and I are going to go to a new world universe kingdom and I want you to believe you are a king boy person. I want you to volunteer paid to help out whoever is the greatest richest most successful in this world.”

    I said “Yes mom.” I said “I will write letters to whoever it may concern that I will help out those who are the best richest most successful in this world universe kingdom.”

    Mom said “you are doing the right thing now.”

    Song: if you want to be great in God’s kingdom learn to be the servant of all.

    I said “I will help out those who rule the world.”

    The story goes that my letter to help went around the world. I went to many countries kingdoms states provinces. I was told “You Keith Trevor Larson won’t be labor you will be a lord king believer person.” KTL.

  • Thank you God for giving me and Abhishek strength to do things that pleases you. Helping us to be strong in our prayer helping us to do what we decide to do thank you father for being our God.

  • I and my friend used to pray daily for Job and he got interview call letter he wanted so much to work in this company. We both thank God so much for hearing our prayer and his grace and mercy upon us. THANK YOU MY LORD JESUS CHRIST. And thanks to all the God's people who prayed for us.

  • I prayed for my marriage with Abhishek and God did make a way for it to happen in his timing on a beautiful day. Thank you Lord for ur blessing upon us and hearing our prayer. Truly ur a true living God who answers our prayer thank you so much Lord Jesus Christ.

  • I did not believe that I would be healed from the sickness that almost took my life. I want to ask for forgiveness that I could not see it possible. Thank you, G-d for healing my body.
    I do not believe that my soul can heal, but I know I'm being foolish again, my soul will heal, too. So I'm thanking G-d for the healing of my soul. May I live in respect, honor, prosperity and peace and be loved. May I never go through the immense suffering I put myself through. And forgive and help the partner who helped me and also made me suffer like that.

  • MY FRIENDS.. I don't believe what happened.... My problem was suddenly resolved witnin ~1 week after 6 years of blockage. I turned back and found my prayer request in this website. THANKS A LOT TO GOD an all of you for your prayers. I can't believe this, and I don't know what to write. I am just in shock.. I swear you it was resolved within 1 week after 6 years of blockage..It's unbelievable. I was not fully christian, and not living in a christian country; but just requested from Jesus........... Oh my God..Thanks A LOT.. I really wonder who prayed for me.

  • Thank you to all those who prayed for us. Last week, I attended Court and by the grace of God, I was acquitted. Those servants of the devil were not believed by the judge, who was appointed by Jesus to destroy their wicked plot. Thank you to Jesus, Mary, the Holy Spirit, to St Anthony, St Charles the Good, St Therese, St Joseph and St Michael.
    Thanks again to all of you who remembered is in your prayers! God bless you all! 🙂

  • I prayed that the Lord help me find strength to get through an MRI, and he did. Thank you so much, Lord. You are an almighty and ever loving God.

  • Don had a perfect procedure done this morning on his heart. Everything went flawless. Thank You Dear Lord. " I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever."