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  • Brothers

    Pray for my brother David that has lung disease and has been sick also from his diabetes. Pray for my younger brother Gilbert that runs a store. He needs healing because since our mother died my brothers have not spoken because she did not leave a will so it's hard to see them or take sides because I love them a lot but leave in the city and don't see them . Pray for healing peace and joy because of the stress . Thanks

  • brother and mother

    prayer for my brother and mother my brother have Pornography problem and trust issues in his marriage my mother have cancer need healing

  • God favor

    please prayer for us,in our ministries for bus,car to help in the gosple in we really need a miracle,

  • God favor

    please prayer for us,in our ministries for bus,car to help in the gosple in we really need a miracle,

  • To overcome from all my debts

    Pls pray to relieve my financial woes and ease this stress . My house is in court for eviction process. I have to recover it from court and overcome from all my debts and pls pray for my business Berton Tyres.
    Thank you

  • Pray for FINANCIAL

    Father, please be with David and provide for his needs. Let him see hope for a better future. Please show him what he can do to change his situation so that he can rise above his debt. Please let him know You are with him and will always supply his needs when he asks. Thank You for taking this burden from him. Let his trust in You grow so that he can grow and follow the path You have planned for him.

  • Protect me from my enemies

    God I pray that you remove DT out of my life for good I want control over my life peace and happiness this individual is toxic and brings no good fortune Strengthen me where I’m weak Lord severe all ties inJesus name Amen

  • Mother’s Job transfer back to Mumbai

    Our family survives only on mum’s income from her job. Her office is forcing her to quit her job. Without mum’s job we don’t have income to pay house rent/for daily needs. Her office forced her to take transfer last year. Since mum’s job was crucial for survival she took transfer. It’s time for annual transfers this coming week. If they don’t transfer her back to Mumbai then she’ll have to quit her job, leaving us with no income. Please pray they transfer her back to Mumbai & her job is safe.

  • Protection from evil

    Please Help me to pray for my dear friend Leticia Medina, that all Spells, all evil works and workers of iniquities against her, from her ex-husband Enrique will be destroyed and scattered, in order to bring Leticia out of darkness, so that her, Mind, Spirit, and Health will improve and may have peace once again.
    In Jesus name I ask and Pray,

  • prayer life

    please agree with me in prayer that the Lord bless me to be able to concentrate better and restore my spiritual initiative in prayer.

  • Urgent

    Christian for years.. still, Honestly don't know best way to pray. NEED GODS INTERVENTION, POWER, JOY, etc. My hubby & I feel seriously at our end.

  • Praise AlmightyJesus forever Amen

    In the name of AlmightyJesus, let all human beings and living creatures pray, praise, worship, thank and be always loyal to everlasting AlmightyJesus forever Amen.

  • prayers for son

    I still have hope and put all my trust in you Jesus, that you will do a miracle grace and favor for my son. That you are working on his acceptance in medical school. That you are moving mountains and opening the doors of the medical school for him to attend this year and complete medicine and become a medical doctor soon. I believe and trust that after bringing him this far, you will not back out but will make way, move the boulders and open the doors of the medical school for him. My son, prays too for the same and we are waiting for this miracle from you and for the Grace upon him, which you said, you will provide and give abundantly if we accept you as our savior and acknowledge that you are the only son from God Father given to us to show us salvation and life, We acknowledge You in all that we do and hope to have this grace upon my son today, Amen.

  • braeking through

    My requesting prayer is break through, my healthy, Delivered and wisdom. I want to get ny spiritual gift and because is my time to use it plz help me men of God.. Special on spiritual gift.

  • Urgent prayer request to save my marriage

    As I'm writing here the tears are falling from my eyes,I'm overwhelmed with sadness, My life is falling apart,My mother in law is using black magic to destroy my marriage,and she's making my life hell.Pastor please pray so that god can intervene,Please pray for God to save my marriage and break and remove the black magic from me and my husband and from our marriage.

    My birth name was Grace Makombe but ive reverted to islam when i married my husband ,My name is Gaironiesa Levendahl my husband's name is Sulayman Levendahl.We married for 3months now but we together for almost 5yrs .His parents has never accepted our marriage they hate me and they said they going to break us apart.They using witch craft to break us apart and they succeeding.My husband has moved out of our house his moved in with his mother, his like a robot that does everything they tell him to do.He told me over the phone that he misses me and wants to come home but something keeps him from coming.He wants a meeting with my family because he wants a divorce,its his parents evil doings.Please help me to pray for God to break these peoples evil plots and plans,to break all their evilness and evilchains they have over my husband, my life is falling apart please help us.My husband looks like a walking corpse.His under their evil spell.Please pray to break the evil chains that's keeping my husband hostage in his mothers house, God I pray that you open my husbands eyes so that he can see what these evil people are doing.Lord I pray that you release my husband and send my husband home to me.Amen.Mymother in-law is a cold hearted evil person she even encouraged him to have an affair also now.please lord I need you now more than ever,let your will be done in Jesus name Amen

  • Breakthrough

    Financial Breakthrough


    please pray that God does big things in a families life, and that through this they can see/feel the awesome power of our Alimghy God! Thx and God bless you all!!

  • Mother’s Job transfer back to Mumbai

    We are settled in Mumbai since the beginning. Our family survives based only on mom’s income from her job. She has been working in that office for past 27 years but now her office is forcing her to quit her job. Without mom’s job we won’t even have income to pay rent for a house or for daily needs since there’s no savings. They forced her to shift to Allahabad in UP last year. Since mom’s job was crucial for survival she took transfer but she’s not keeping well & can’t stay alone in UP anymore. If they don’t transfer her back to Mumbai she’ll be forced to quit job. Now it’s again time for annual transfers tomorrow. Please pray they transfer mom back to Mumbai tomorrow & don’t force her to quit job but allow her to work peacefully in Mumbai.

  • Miracle Money

    I need a financial breakthrough

  • Full intervention

    Please pray for Joe to be recognized as truly unwell was and became for many reasons along w his other once as very much caused and be seen as along with those wrongly within group, and those dealt as much significant cause from adding around him
    And noted is w minor.
    Please pray they are fully recognized within groups and ceased along ever outside dealt with solely each of those members.
    Please pray for full privacy, unknown natural manner aware of myself as is, meet by nature god only as suits me w much laughing, desire , happiness, from own life sacred heart and minus any but me and known, call no more added, aside know by, no interference and full out as used to minus all that,

    Please pray for the many nice unseen who truly helped within that sect are given all the help needed along w of the true origin and go to own life bring the spirit and blessings of the blessed mother to true descent..



  • Desperately in need of prayer assistance!

    Dear fellow intercessors,
    My wife and I have been in the (formerly communist) East Berlin, Germany for the last two years, praying for the city and for the nation. For the last 3 months my wife and I have been severely under attack from all sides.
    We are getting attacks from witches, warlocks and a strong spirit of anti-christ from the local neighborhood (leftover from the Nazi and Stazi regime of East Germany).
    Additional, we are getting attacks and curses of gossip and slander from fleshly Christians that are attacking our walk with Jesus. For the last three months we have been constantly experiencing back pain, hip-pain, pain in the lower left leg, strong oppression (making it hard to even breath), high-blood pressure, heart pain, sleepless nights and fear attacks. None of these systems are usual to either of us. We believe that the motive behind these attacks from the Christians couple are related to jealously and unforgiveness in their life.
    We do have friends who are praying for us at the moment, but we need more support, since the attacks we experience are simply too strong for us to handle.
    With all these attacks at once, it is almost impossible to get anything done, let alone even think straight.
    If you could please help us and pray that these attacks stop, so that we can have peace again, we would be very very thankful.
    The Burton’s

  • Prayers Ben mansell western Australia

    I pray harmony peace and good spirits and the love of jesus fill my home and life with partner Cynthia, i pray against spiritual attacks from the enemy i pray our love is a bond of unity for that lasts in gods love for eternity and satans attack to ever divide is useless. i pray for her boys, three sons i step father Nathan, Justin and Rishon i pray there behavior improves. I pray more of gods peace and patience in love in our life.
    I pray for Justin the youngest i pray he can learn to listen more he is 7 and has been very loud and annoying recently i pray god helps us to work through calming him down when hes misbehaving . I pray for more patience and calm i pray gods love blesses myself Ben and Cynthias relationship


    I am a widow for past 3 and half years. 43 years old with a 13 year old daugther. I got a proposl form a divorce man who was sri lankn lived in uk . so we communicte and he loved me and my daugther very much. He helped us fincially. He pid my daugthers school fees. Almost like my husband. We wanted to get married and have family and have our own home in sri lanka.
    He came to sri lanka and met us on 23rd january 2018. Again met us on 29th of january 2018. Then I told him to my sisters plce . where I live now. To discuss about our marrige. But he got angry and walked away. Stop communicating with me. But he communicate with my daugther. Then on 19th of february he contact me agin and said I don’t have a problem with you. But your behaviour. I don’t understand. I just ask him to come to my place. Then again I communicate. He give rude answers. So I stop talking to him. He said he need time. 1 week time he stop communicte with my daugther. We both very hurt and . my home people force me to find a another partner.

    Please pay for us. My name is jean, my daugther, and his name is jayantha silva

  • My biopsy results

    Hello, please could you pray that my mammogram and biopsy this week will be clear and normal. I have had to have a further biopsy and I am praying for a positive outcome. I am a woman with a young family and feel extremely anxious at this time. I am a Christian myself and would appreciate your prayers. Thank you so much. Sarah.

  • health and peace

    please help prayer for mauro akira hasegawa and your family.thanks

  • help from God.

    Please pray for God to help me through this time in my life. I am dealing with several issues that are complicated.

  • healing and deliverance

    Please pray for the complete healing of bipolar disorder and deliverance from the evil of Caleb and other agents if darkness for my daughter Lauren.

  • JOB

    I lost my Job. I have to much enemy who always try to destroy me, I lost my all hope. Everyday my depressions killing me slowly. I lost my job because of my enemy.I need to support my family i need job . Please pray for me .I know i am great sinner i always pray for my forgiveness to GOD.I believe prayer can change my life. Please pray for me and my family.GOD bless each one of us.Thank you.

  • Gods helps for my healing

    .Mr.Cables operation hip replace joint was a successs, we Need to Keep,Keep,Keep, Praying For His Full Recovery and Receive all the Phyical Therapy He Needs, so he can fully walk again alone and with helps phyically, When he needs it and go home, that Father-God gets ALL the Glory and Praises, Thru His Son JesusChrist.We ask In Jesus Name Amen. Thank You

  • Please pray for my daughter

    Please pray for my daughter who has been suffering from a disease that has grown progressively worse for more than a decade. She desperately needs your prayers. Her quality of life continues to worsen. Please pray that God will heal her and save her. She is living in Turkey and an American alone there.

  • Remove evil from our lives

    Please remove Rudy,Marie&Vhon from our lives.Pray Ted will defend me.Pray Tony will get help.Pray for my health.

  • Peace for my family life

    I now working saudi arabia wife and only one son in India. Wife and son not talking with me.they always cut my telephone calls. All these problms started from some financial crisis.
    My family life broken now
    Please pray for my family life

  • I am going through a dificult situation

    Please pray for me, because I have to cope with a difficult situation within two days. Only with the help of Jesus, I can go through it. God bless you!

  • need use motorbike for Church ministry,

    hello and God bless you all through the Almighty Name of our Lord JESUS CHRIST, i need your Prayers that God will touch any Christian believers for motorbike i need for my traveling in remote areas in greater Mindanao for Preaching the gospel.funds cannot afford very few therefore i need your Prayers for use motorbike ( Prov.19:17 ) thanks and God bless,

  • Healing of my baby in the womb

    Please pray most urgently for me & my baby. Reports say that my baby has cdh. Please pray for complete & miraculous healing of my baby when it is in the womb itself so that there wont be any risks or surgeries required later.God has promised us healing and I want healing for my baby & me. Please pray unceasingly till God shows us that it is done. Please also pray that I get a easy and safe delivery & pray for the continued protection from every evil & harm for baby and family. Thank you. Praise be to God.

  • Pray for me and my family

    Please pray for me. I need protection. Please pray for my home. Please pray for my soul and life as well that God will have compassion, mercy and grace up on me and my family. Thank you. We need jesus. I need him help me.

  • Marriage

    My relationship with Amit Raj to grow strong that No one will able to break it.

  • exam

    Avinash is preparing for CA Final exams in May 2018. Please pray that he may clear this time.

  • Health

    My health my family health a husband a wedding band a home a car a sewing machine faith happiness love everything I always wanted and needed

  • I need a miracle so that I can marry the boy I love.


    My name is Merrin Mathew. I am requesting for a miracle prayer. I dont see any way of the problem and am very close to choose the wrong way to attain my wish. But I believe that Jesus Christ can make the impossible into possible. He can. I know that. All I want is HIM to do it for me. My faith is so little now due to my troubles in my life, but I believe if many people pray for me, God will listen.

    My issue is that I was talking to a boy Rohan for marriage. We like each other a lot, but due to some miscommunication, we were not able to express ourselves properly. Now his parents are fixing his marriage to other girl. I am heart broken. Rohan also feels very guilty and regrets the decision. He wants to marry me. He spoke to his parents, but they did not allow as they have already started the process of setting the dates and all. I am heart broken and dont have anywhere else to go. I am submitting myself to God, Please pray that this proposal does not go through and Rohan and I can be married. Both Rohan and I wish for the same. Please pray for us.

    Merrin Mathew

  • Healing from infection

    Hello, I recently had sex and during which the condom broke from my partner. I have since been experiencing pain, inflammation, night sweats and I am worried that he has an std. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow but I ask that you help me in praying for all tests to come back fine or to be treatable. In Jesus' name amen

  • Please save me from my husband anger and please reunite us with my parents and home now amen.

    Please pray for me, lord jesus as u know everything about me, lord please help me, mother my husband is a sadist he always scared me played with my innocence played with my emotions, lord right now also how's doing the same lord I need you right now Iord Jesus my father I am tired of his behaviour lord he tortured me mentally beated me many times, lord always abused me with dirty words, lord I am tired please strengthen me lord due to him I became far of my parents lord please reunite with my parents and home now, lord my dad is angry due to him he stopped talking he left me totally due to him please Lord help me now help your child now, lord please Lord always beared everything cried in myself I am a very sensitive person and definitely not a bad person but always I need to give explanation always I am I feel tensed and worried how he react how he scold me beat me, lord just now also he scared me, and I am feeling tensed also lord i have no strength to fight with him and I don't have family support also, lordr I need my family please have mercy and take away all pain and hurt from my dad bless him with lots of love towards me, and let my dad accept me and my child now lord let my dad understand why I did mistake wantedlyi did nothing lord I never tried to hurt my family wantedly, lord strengthen me now please help me now, please save me lordr don't let anyone force me to do the things which I am not willing to do I beg u mother please help me.lordr please change my husband now I can't bear his anger lord always I did wrong things and hurted my parents due to his anger, lord please help me now I don't want to scare anymore please help me now please lord and bless me and all my family with good health peace and happiness forever amen.

  • Prayer for my husband to rejoin .

    M beulla mary and my husband name is Ravi roshan Singh . We are happily married for 8 years. Ours is a love marriage . I left my family everybody for his sake and got married to him. Recently he informed his parents regarding our relation ship initially his parents agreed later they disagreed to caste and religion issues. Not that my husband is neither talking to me nor coming home it's been 2 months. M so scared and worried about life. I can't live without him. My husband has no intention to leave me. Please pray for me and my husband to rejoin.

  • Pray for family

    Dearest Jesús, i am in So much pain and worry , i want you to please touch my life and heal all wounds of my soul. Lord you promised ask and you shall recieve. I ask for blessings on my brother and mother. Open your Mercy on my brother and my mother give my brother life health luck hapinesss wisdom happy marriage and job. Give my mother health energy life happiness. I ask this in your mighty name. Touch us with ur healing power and show us your Glory Again. Bless us Lord i pray for miracle Ameen.

  • miracle for my engagement and healing for my relationship

    Please Pray that my engagement which is fixed for April 14th 2018 should become on the same date as planned and not get postponed . Please Pray that the Problems that are come in my relationship should be resolved between me and HETAL and we should love each other and understand each other like before and are engagement should become on April 14th 2018 this year itself.

  • I need a miracle

    Im Jay from Philippines 39 yrs old.. Pls pray for a miracle for my upcoming medical result because i want to go back in abroad to work for the needs of my family... Pls pray for health and I really need a miracle for my medical.. Thank you.. In Jesus name amen..

  • Liver cirrhosis

    Liver cirrhosis:
    Dear all,
    I request all to pray for me to the Lord ,My name is Goutham and I am from India, i have been blesses by jesus when i was born ,My mother was said by the doctors in the year 1976 December that i am dead in the womb and surgery needs to be done to remove the baby out,it was 8th month ,my mother went to the church and prayed to lord,the garland fell on my mother and the priest their wished her and said do not worry go for the operation and it will all go well with the blessing of Lord, I was blessed and was born on 15th dec, I grew up like all other kids and was healthy and forgot the path of god, i started abusing myself with alcohol,end up with Liver cirrhosis. I am not 40 and married with 2 kids of age 11 and 6 , when i look back i feel why god gave me this life and why i miss used it for my pleasure,
    Today i have no one with me my wife and my kids separate and i am on medication ,now feel i need to do something for the society when i have nothing, I feel i am selfish now. I feel i misused the life given and blessed by lord, I feel i will not forgiven by him for the mistake what i have done. I request all to pray for my health and give me the strength to rise up to the expectation of my family and do good for the society and for the people around.Loans all around, no family...
    I request you all to pray to the lord to forgive me and bless me again .kindly Help.

  • Marriage

    Please pray for me and my wife Ann. She is divircing me.

  • healing and deliverance

    Please pray that my daughter Lauren Jenkins is freed from the evil influence of Caleb and is completely healed of her bipolar disorder. Please break the generational curse upon her and our family.

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Praise and Thanks to God for the following….


People Offering Thanks and Praise to God!

  • Thank you AlmightyJesus for giving me happy, peaceful, prosperous and joyful life forever Amen

  • A541 helping out the lord king god queen creator rulers.
    A541 memoirs of Keith Trevor Larson.

    New World Order Bible.

    September 15, 2018

    I did not always start out rich and successful. I was with my mom who said “Trevor you and I are going to go to a new world universe kingdom and I want you to believe you are a king boy person. I want you to volunteer paid to help out whoever is the greatest richest most successful in this world.”

    I said “Yes mom.” I said “I will write letters to whoever it may concern that I will help out those who are the best richest most successful in this world universe kingdom.”

    Mom said “you are doing the right thing now.”

    Song: if you want to be great in God’s kingdom learn to be the servant of all.

    I said “I will help out those who rule the world.”

    The story goes that my letter to help went around the world. I went to many countries kingdoms states provinces. I was told “You Keith Trevor Larson won’t be labor you will be a lord king believer person.” KTL.

  • Thank you God for giving me and Abhishek strength to do things that pleases you. Helping us to be strong in our prayer helping us to do what we decide to do thank you father for being our God.

  • I and my friend used to pray daily for Job and he got interview call letter he wanted so much to work in this company. We both thank God so much for hearing our prayer and his grace and mercy upon us. THANK YOU MY LORD JESUS CHRIST. And thanks to all the God's people who prayed for us.

  • I prayed for my marriage with Abhishek and God did make a way for it to happen in his timing on a beautiful day. Thank you Lord for ur blessing upon us and hearing our prayer. Truly ur a true living God who answers our prayer thank you so much Lord Jesus Christ.

  • I did not believe that I would be healed from the sickness that almost took my life. I want to ask for forgiveness that I could not see it possible. Thank you, G-d for healing my body.
    I do not believe that my soul can heal, but I know I'm being foolish again, my soul will heal, too. So I'm thanking G-d for the healing of my soul. May I live in respect, honor, prosperity and peace and be loved. May I never go through the immense suffering I put myself through. And forgive and help the partner who helped me and also made me suffer like that.

  • MY FRIENDS.. I don't believe what happened.... My problem was suddenly resolved witnin ~1 week after 6 years of blockage. I turned back and found my prayer request in this website. THANKS A LOT TO GOD an all of you for your prayers. I can't believe this, and I don't know what to write. I am just in shock.. I swear you it was resolved within 1 week after 6 years of blockage..It's unbelievable. I was not fully christian, and not living in a christian country; but just requested from Jesus........... Oh my God..Thanks A LOT.. I really wonder who prayed for me.

  • Thank you to all those who prayed for us. Last week, I attended Court and by the grace of God, I was acquitted. Those servants of the devil were not believed by the judge, who was appointed by Jesus to destroy their wicked plot. Thank you to Jesus, Mary, the Holy Spirit, to St Anthony, St Charles the Good, St Therese, St Joseph and St Michael.
    Thanks again to all of you who remembered is in your prayers! God bless you all! 🙂

  • I prayed that the Lord help me find strength to get through an MRI, and he did. Thank you so much, Lord. You are an almighty and ever loving God.

  • Don had a perfect procedure done this morning on his heart. Everything went flawless. Thank You Dear Lord. " I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever."