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  • Please pray

    Please pray for my fiancé. Today he has to face yet another court hearing to regain custody of his child. This has been an extremely unfair fight. The mother is close friends with the judge. My fiancé had full custody from birth to 5 years old and the mother decided she wanted to be a mom again and had people false file reports against him! Please pray for strength and comfort for my fiancé. Pray that the judge does the right thing. Pray for a positive outcome! Please pray hard for this family!

  • miracle

    my partner has been away 6 months in Syria and now in Zambia and is short of fund for the airticket he needs 2300 he should have been home today but the prices keep on going up and it is in dollars please god I have sold everything and my rent and accounts are behind please god help me please god please I don't know where I am going to go at the end of the month if he is not home I thought god would have opened the door as we have had a long ride and this was the last step please jesus please god help us help us as I cry at night and day please god please

  • Michel/Poison

    Is in a cobweb married to the money he needs freedom from this and God's
    He needs help to be released from the hold of any lie and deceit that now
    controls his heart.
    He doesn't deserve to be sucked in this poison but to find his way back


  • Eric/Job

    Is hunting for a secure suitable job he knows Jesus
    is with him at all times.


  • Please pray for my daughter Melissa for a miracle cure and healing for her teeth including her 2 root canal, any infection or decay.

    Please pray for my daughter Melissa for a miracle cure and healing for her teeth including her 2 root canal, any infection or decay.

    Loving God, I pray that you will comfort my daughter Melissa in her suffering,
    Lend skill to the hands of her healers, and bless the means used for her cure and healing for her teeth including her 2 root canal, any infection or decay.
    Give her such confidence in the power of your grace, that even when she is afraid,
    She may put her whole trust in you; through our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

    God bless the Prayer room.

  • Request prayers for healing

    In need of prayers. I am suffering from both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis that have become crippling,. Please pray to my Lord Jesus for a cure. God bless us all.

  • Please Pray I will get to Visit my 3 grandaughters Soon

    Please keep praying for my Family and I to be able to visit our Grandaughters. Florida does not give any rights at all to the grandparents. My daughter is not getting any better. She has been seduced by satan with her Live in Boyfriend and family. They give her money and pay her bills, have unmarried sexual relations and live in Sin. These People have corrupted her, Please pray that Jesus Will make a way to have visits with my Grandaughters. I have been praying for this for 6 months now with No breakthroughs. I need Jesus TO PLEASE MAKE A WAY - fOR ME to have visits with my 3 Grandaughters, Please pray this will happen. I ask for this in Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

  • suicidal and need help

    Please pray for my mental health as I am having suicidal thoughts. Please give strength to the relationship between myself and my ex and bring us back together in love. Please help him find a job quickly.

  • urgent, toxic relationship

    urgent prayer request for God to please diminish a certain toxic friendship, He knows their names, God please move swiftly with this, In Jesus' name, thank you

  • Marriage miracle

    Healing and forgiveness in marriage, stop divorce, help us focus on our Lord and savior and His will. Release bitterness, hurt and anger soften hearts to hear God, stop the lies and fear so that God will be glorified.
    Save all marriages, protect kids from the violence of divorce! Asking for a miracle! Our God is a good God who can do immeasurably more then we ask, thank You Lord!



  • Prayer request for healing

    Please can you pray for my friend in Indonesia called Adelina.
    I live in Uk but plan to marry in September.
    She has had bad fever the past week.
    She has headaches, fever, weakness all over her body and difficult to stand and
    also she has difficulty opening her eyes.
    She has been to hospital twice but now will be going to specialist hospital tomorrow.
    Her family see her as a rock and inspiration. They are are poor and
    tring their best to deal with the situation.
    Please pray for her recovery.
    Please pray she can experience Gods peace and healing.
    Thank you!
    Lawrence F.

  • Prayer for miracle and overall great health

    I pray that I can change from the inside out. I pray that I can lose the weight, get into much better physical shape and reverse the diabetes. I pray that I can finally grow up, be and adult and take responsibility over my own life. I pray that I can save a lot of money in my savings account so I can move out and live independently. I pray that I can pay for all of the medical bills I have received and that i will be getting soon. I pray for a smooth transition for my Mom when she comes home from rehab. I pray that my Mom and I can re establish a much better relationship with each other. I pray that she can see the changed person that I have become. I pray that I can finally grow up, take responsibility and become the adult that I am meant to be. I pray for some miracles to happen for me and my family within the next few weeks and months. I pray that my Mom can walk soon on her own and I pray the she can re adjust to life at home well. I pray that I can choreograph soon as well.

  • Marriage Miracle

    Lord help my find joy knowing that you are handling this situation I am going through. Finish the miracle in my wife and the the woman I married will return and that the woman she has become will be banished

  • New home for our little family

    Pray for our little family that's getting started in life. we are looking to move by late August. And need prayers so we can find somewhere that is suitable for our price range and we get aproved , also In a good area for our children.

  • Need Job Urgently

    Please pray, so that Rajarshi Bhattacharyya get's a very good job of his choice immediately. He has given many interviews. But he is not getting response. He is jobless and under tremendous stress. Amen!

  • Work and fnances

    Thank you for your prayers: I unite with your requests also, God knows. My prayer requests are very specific right now, although sometimes the only prayer I think is the answer is Salvation and getting through back to our Creator. Yet my request is not for Salvation or redication as it usually it. Here they are, please keep them in mine after:

    Employment, job, work, finances; processed all for Sears and may preliminary requests pre employment go through, did drug test today, although I have never used drugs, do take a lot of supplements, and just ask for prayer for this an all else, background etc. finalizes succesfully. Am aware that these stores are closing but somehow God wants me there, and feel I might be able to do something ask for the Lord to anoint me again and put a covering over this one store and its renewal and progress with the hope of mgmt position while concurrently continuing with past job and maintain good relations and resolution along with PT with them too. God knows the details to this complicated situation, Lord give me the victory and the glory go to You. Touch not my annointed Psalm 105:15.

    Aside from that prayer for my late return to school and that all paper work for second year go through fine and continue on delegently in my studies. Also for July 1st State exam registration to go through and payment also for Octobers exam.

    There is a special request for a person, that I am not sure how to pray for, but the Lord knows. First, a deliverance from all that is not of God and cleansing, renewal, touch every cell in their body, physically realine body lengthen fascia connective tissues balance and release painful repressed memories straighten every crooked place in their lives and put back on track of their purpose but most of all for them to quickly, after much lost time and years, and being cheated or stalled from promotional hierachy in employment as an authority escalate to solution and given position/post in dept which was wrongfully selectively denied. Hedge of lifetime protection over and through all in the name of Christjesus. In Christ

  • Pray for me

    I need prayer for me to have the strength to be closer to christ and to find work and my family.

  • Financial relief

    Financial miracle, win money.

  • CA

    Plz prayer for my father Ravindra Shinde he is suffering from prostate cancer
    Please pray for healing

  • Forgivenes and a Miracle

    Hi there,
    My name is Johenson Fernandes, I'm a student in Coventry University, I unknowingly created money laundering, This is one of the Biggest sins I have committed,
    As a result, I cannot open a bank account or obtain a job

    All I ask from the Lord is to forgive and miraculeously give a bank account and a job

  • Prayer for miracle

    No improvement in my sons health - his breathing problems continues even after 5 weeks
    No worldly doctor is able to help
    Even our Heavenly Doctor is not listening to his suffering
    Sorry to say again but life is getting meaningless with me continuing to be unemployed for the last nearly 4 years, we are living on our savings

    Anil Prabhudas

  • Need a financial miracle

    I am requesting prayer for God to bless me with at least $3000. I am about to be homeless tomorrow. I have no money and my 2006 Pontiac G6 (332,000 miles) needs a new engine, so I can't drive it to make money with Uber or Lyft. My cell phone service is off and if my prayers aren't answered I guess I'l just die in my car in this Houston humidity after a few days. My blood pressure has been high (205/117) and this situation makes it worse. I don't have money to buy my blood pressure medicine either.

  • Prayer request for non-recurrence of cancer

    Praise the Lord.
    I have gone through a surgery on 21st June 2019 for oral squamous cell carcinoma on the soft palate of my mouth. I request you to pray for me that I will never suffer from cancer again in my life span.

  • Prayer request for non-recurrence of cancer

    Praise the Lord.
    I have gone through a surgery on 21st June 2019 for oral squamous cell carcinoma on the soft palate of my mouth. I request you to pray for me that I will never suffer from cancer again in my life span.

  • Save my marriage

    Heavenly Father Lord Jesus Mother Mary Holy Spirit and all Angels and Saints and Intercessors I come before you for help to cancel this divorce and restore this marriage between JB and I where it can not be broken by no one again. Bless our kids and finances and bless us with some where to stay. In Jesus Christ name I pray Amen. Glory to God. I pray Lord that you restore what the devil have stolen please from my husband to my finances. Lord I am sorry for turning my back when I know deep inside your the only one that can fix our marriage and any other battles we face. Thank you Father Thank you. In Jesus name I pray Amen

  • Marriage miracle

    Please pray that God moves and changes the heart of my spouse. They are embracing this world and it's views and ignoring God's word and will but thinking God is directing them. God does not contradict His word.
    Stop the enemy and stop divorce bring my spouse back to God and His will! Asking God to perform a miracle and heal pain and bitterness, a new heart, in Jesus Holy name!

  • Financial miracle

    Win money.

  • Salvation and deliverance from the past and to 6 a en of god for their wives and family

    Conrad S and Lance F and Mike G and David and Joe

  • Save my marriage

    Oh Heavenly Father, I pray that my marriage with Christina will not end in divorce. My three beatiful children and beatiful wife mean the worl to me and I am asking for one of your glorious miracles to shine down on me. I beg and plea with everthing in me for you to help me save my marriage and family. My wife and family mean the world to me and I ask that you open your ears of Lord and shine your love down on me. In Jesus name, Amen.

  • Save my marriage

    Oh Heavenly Father, I pray that my marriage with Christina will not end in divorce. My three beatiful children and beatiful wife mean the worl to me and I am asking for one of your glorious miracles to shine down on me. I beg and plea with everthing in me for you to help me save my marriage and family. My wife and family mean the world to me and I ask that you open your ears of Lord and shine your love down on me. In Jesus name, Amen.

  • Very defensive and on edge, hurting relationships

    Please help me this is urgent. I am on edge and so defensive about everything lately. I know it could be health related but it is also spiritually related, I am under attack because I recently sinned(relapsed on an addiction)and now I am very closely being harassed by negative spirits. please pray for me urgently that I may stop being so defensive and careless, and extremely angry. It is not like me. I am normally calm, peaceful, full of love and compassion, (almost to a fault). I am so miserable and uncomfortable like this and its hurting all relationships, mostly work. please pray for my soul to be protected from this evil and God would take control and lead my selfish heart. Thank you so much!

  • Healing from tumors

    I'm Glory, 32, unmarried. I have tumors in my breasts. I have appointment again in this week with the doctor. He wanted me to undergo biopsy. I'm so scared. Please pray that tumors shouldn't be cancerous.

  • Pray for prodigal daughter

    Good morning in Jesus name .My name is Devi Rahim. I need prayers for my prodigal daughter ABIGAIL RAHIM who left home on June 12th 2019.. My daughter daughter turned 18 on June 6th.. Approximately 7 months ago my daughter has been dating a 22yr old guy Chris Roberts. A month ago my family recently found out this guy has no job, is driving around with an expired license , and is smoking weed. She will be graduating June 26th 2019. I'm not sure if she will will want us at her graduation or if she will even go. I am afraid for her life .Last week Wednesday she did not go to school and when the school called lunch time and said she was not there I caught her coming out from the boyfriend apartment. Since then she never came home. The boyfriend's mother is a single parent and ssid she doesn't want her living in her apartment . So far now she's just staying with friends and splitting her days with different friends. Please pray that my daughter will return home. My husband is drinking and is blaming me for her behavior and for her leaving. . I'm so torn and the only support I have right now is my 23 year old son who is also heartbroken. Please pray for my entire family for strength I need my daughter back home. Please pray for us. God Bless you.

  • Let AlmightyJesus be everlasting God forever Amen

    In the name of AlmightyJesus, let AlmightyJesus be everlasting God who is utmost glittering cutest male gender possess all happiness, peaceful mind, all glories, unsinful mind, all goodness, all praises, all success, all heavenly things and Heaven forever Amen

    In the name of AlmightyJesus, let all living creatures, Human beings and Angels in the Heaven from this moment onwards start to praises, pray, thank, celebrate and be loyal to AlmightyJesus alone forever Amen

  • Help me see my kids n need cps off my case with my infant

    I'm asking for prayers. I haven't seen my 7 and 6 year old in over a year. Their grandma n dad have custody of them and I miss them so much. I'm doing so much better. It's hurts I can't see Mikey 7 and mikayla 6 or that they haven't met their baby sister. I just want visits. To spend time with them. To hold them n to tell them mommy loves them n misses them so much. Also I'm asking to get cps case close with my infant daughter Emily. I learned not to get in any relationship . please I'm trying my best for my kids..

  • Healing miracle

    I suffer with multiple sclerosis and lost my mobility I’m a single mom and can no longer work or drive which is making it difficult to take care of my daughter. I need prayer for miracle healing to walk again. Jesus you are my healer please heal me

  • God's miracle

    Praying for God to stop divorce, stop the evil one and the lies and confusion he tells us. Asking God for a miracle of restoration and transformation in our marriage, open our eyes to our Lord's word and His will in our lives, Holy Spirit heal all bitterness hurt and anger for a testimony to God's glory! Satan hates what God has joined together, pray for a revival in marriage!

  • Job

    I am Neha. I have been staying for 14 yrs in uae suddenly there was a problem in my mom's job. 50 percent ger job will go. My dad also lost his job. I have a brother in 3rd yr mom needs to have her job for finishing r debts. Our whole family is really sad. Pls I can't see my both parents without job. If my mom doesn't get her job re family will be splitted pls pray for me

  • pray for me

    my name shija. my friend santhosh angry me without any reason. pray for me. bless me. my friend santhosh come here to meet me today . u r miracle santhosh come here to meet me
    bless me
    pray for me

  • pray for me

    my name shija. my friend santhosh angry me without any reason. pray for me. bless me. my friend santhosh come here to meet me today . u r miracle santhosh come here to meet me
    bless me
    pray for me

  • Healing from brain damage

    I want to be healed from my brain injuries.

  • Divorce guidance

    My wife is divorcing me. I was faithful. It's been 18 months of hell. I've not fought for my share. When I think of doing anything other than letting her take it all I feel guilty and anxious. I don't know if that's God's will or my own feelings. I don't know what to do and it's destroying my life.

  • Need life to "work"

    I need deliverance from continued trouble with health, finances, relationships, accommodation, and safety. Not to mention spiritually.

  • Prayer

    Prayer that Andy and I come closer together ad we share our lives that we are married soon and that we find the right home on The mighty name of Jesus

  • Prayer

    Prayer that Andy and I come closer together ad we share our lives that we are married soon and that we find the right home on The mighty name of Jesus

  • Need urgent miracle to fix my situation now

    Dear brother/sister, I'm facing lots of problems in life. I can't even understand what is happening. My younger brother needs immediate miracle and healing. He's 25years now. He is very stressful and depressed. He doesn't know what is happening around him. He keeps saying somebody is watching and doing all the bad things against him. We are started feeling very insecured. He was very nice and loveable to me. But nowadays he keeps shouting at me for nothing. No one is there to help us now except God. I keep praying for a miracle to change our life. But not seeing any improvement. It's getting worse day by day. I trust your prayers will help us to get rid from this situation. Please help me and my brother. Please request God to do a miracle.please

  • financial relief and protection from black magic

    I have some land in kerala please pray that land be sold for the highest value. please pray that black magic done on me be removed

  • Peace

    Urgent prayer for Gregory his selfish spirit lying spirit hate control jealousy insecurities bipolar he needs salvation. Peace for me and the kids protection from his evil spirit. Please thank u.

  • Urgent prayer

    I am facing lot of problem, facing all time bad luck
    someone set an ominous invisible power against me that's why i lose my good juju
    I need protection and i get my good juju
    Please pray
    Thank u

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  • I make a wish today and make other wish long time I want to my wish come true all of them please pray for me

  • In the name of AlmightyJesus, let GodJesus be everlasting AlmightyJesus forever Amen.

    In the name of AlmightyJesus, let all living creatures, Human beings and Angels praise, pray, worship, thank , celebrate and be loyal to everlasting AlmightyJesus alone forever Amen

  • I am here to share a praise report! Not long ago, I came to request intercessory prayer on behalf of myself and my cat to not be evicted, as well as for for my living situation to be stabilized. I also asked for prayer for my cat to be healed from his constipation and his urinary tract infection as well. Thanks to your prayers in Jesus name on our behalf, he is now fully healed, and I am also in a far better place to live at lower rent as well. Our Lord Jesus responds to fervent and faith filled intercessory prayers! Thank you and may our Lord Jesus bless you all!

  • Hello, I was praying for my boyfriend Abhishek for his job and for our marriage God heard our prayer and provided him with such a good job it's his first job each day I thank My Father Jesus Christ for providing him job.

    For our marriage still problem is there parents not willing searching other boy we are trying our best to win there hearts.

    We are praying for that still like how God provided job like that only God will.also provide us a happy married life with God's blessing and parents love we believe. Just that pray what we are praying is God's will so no one can stop us and we are walking in God our father Jesus Christ way.
    Thank you father Jesus Christ for being mine and Abhishek father taking us as ur childrens and providing us with all that we need thank you so much.

  • Dear God, I was in a car-accident today. I just want to thank you Lord. Thank you so much for everything. I don't have a scratch on me, my car is not majorly damaged even though it was a rainy and wet highway accident, no other cars were involved... Thank you God. I praise You today, also for chastising me. Thank you for caring about me, and for keeping me out of the gates of hell. Hallelujah to You my Creator and Savior Jesus Christ. John 3:16 Amen.


  • pray! for me i want to get good marks in exam

  • The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe. Proverbs 18:10 Lord Jesus Christ in Your Mighty Name I Praise You for keeping me from poisonous sprinkler systems and the poison pouring from it 3 days ago. Thank You for continuing to unveil the Cartwright like family and rich and powerful in the Spirit who are conducting Abominations against children and adults in SB while local law enforcement covers it up. I pray for continued hedges of protection and bringing these people into Your courts for Justice. And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? Lk.18:7
    Praise Him Thank Him Amen

  • Thank you AlmightyJesus for giving me happy, peaceful, prosperous and joyful life forever Amen

  • A541 helping out the lord king god queen creator rulers.
    A541 memoirs of Keith Trevor Larson.

    New World Order Bible.

    September 15, 2018

    I did not always start out rich and successful. I was with my mom who said “Trevor you and I are going to go to a new world universe kingdom and I want you to believe you are a king boy person. I want you to volunteer paid to help out whoever is the greatest richest most successful in this world.”

    I said “Yes mom.” I said “I will write letters to whoever it may concern that I will help out those who are the best richest most successful in this world universe kingdom.”

    Mom said “you are doing the right thing now.”

    Song: if you want to be great in God’s kingdom learn to be the servant of all.

    I said “I will help out those who rule the world.”

    The story goes that my letter to help went around the world. I went to many countries kingdoms states provinces. I was told “You Keith Trevor Larson won’t be labor you will be a lord king believer person.” KTL.

  • Thank you God for giving me and Abhishek strength to do things that pleases you. Helping us to be strong in our prayer helping us to do what we decide to do thank you father for being our God.

  • I and my friend used to pray daily for Job and he got interview call letter he wanted so much to work in this company. We both thank God so much for hearing our prayer and his grace and mercy upon us. THANK YOU MY LORD JESUS CHRIST. And thanks to all the God's people who prayed for us.

  • I prayed for my marriage with Abhishek and God did make a way for it to happen in his timing on a beautiful day. Thank you Lord for ur blessing upon us and hearing our prayer. Truly ur a true living God who answers our prayer thank you so much Lord Jesus Christ.

  • I did not believe that I would be healed from the sickness that almost took my life. I want to ask for forgiveness that I could not see it possible. Thank you, G-d for healing my body.
    I do not believe that my soul can heal, but I know I'm being foolish again, my soul will heal, too. So I'm thanking G-d for the healing of my soul. May I live in respect, honor, prosperity and peace and be loved. May I never go through the immense suffering I put myself through. And forgive and help the partner who helped me and also made me suffer like that.

  • MY FRIENDS.. I don't believe what happened.... My problem was suddenly resolved witnin ~1 week after 6 years of blockage. I turned back and found my prayer request in this website. THANKS A LOT TO GOD an all of you for your prayers. I can't believe this, and I don't know what to write. I am just in shock.. I swear you it was resolved within 1 week after 6 years of blockage..It's unbelievable. I was not fully christian, and not living in a christian country; but just requested from Jesus........... Oh my God..Thanks A LOT.. I really wonder who prayed for me.

  • Thank you to all those who prayed for us. Last week, I attended Court and by the grace of God, I was acquitted. Those servants of the devil were not believed by the judge, who was appointed by Jesus to destroy their wicked plot. Thank you to Jesus, Mary, the Holy Spirit, to St Anthony, St Charles the Good, St Therese, St Joseph and St Michael.
    Thanks again to all of you who remembered is in your prayers! God bless you all! 🙂

  • I prayed that the Lord help me find strength to get through an MRI, and he did. Thank you so much, Lord. You are an almighty and ever loving God.

  • Don had a perfect procedure done this morning on his heart. Everything went flawless. Thank You Dear Lord. " I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever."