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  • I thank God

    I thank God
    I pray that my brother will be in peace and comfort
    I want my brother and my family happy and happy
    I want a marry, romantic and full of happiness and long
    I want happiness for everyone
    I love lord

  • Justice

    I need a big sign that God heard me in court the 1st of February I don't want to spend my whole life living this pain. I ask for with all my heart to make the financial settlement equal 2018 for the 22 years of hell I was subjected too by Neale. God seen with his own eyes the toxic behavior of Neale Parsons, god you can't let his offensive behavior go unpunished.

  • Prayer for faith and salvation

    I want to believe in Jesus Christ completely. I want Jesus to come into my life . I want gift of faith from the holy spirit. I want holy spirit to guide me and my family . I want to love jesus more than I love myself. I want to believe that jesus is the only God. Pray for my depression.Pray for my family for good health, peace and most importantly for salvation.

  • Prayer Request for Deliverance

    I believe in the power of prayer and in the power of prayer in numbers. My family and I need fellow children of God to pray with us and for us. We are undergoing a spiritual warfare. In the name of Jesus we will be victorious and the enemy will perish.

    I was used as a pawn for an evil man to gain powers that set themselves apart from God. For many years (2012-2017) unknown to me, I was blinded by the veil that was placed over my eyes and I was not myself. For many years I felt oppressed and obligated to him for no apparent reason and the relationships with my family members became strained. We married in March 2017 on a beach and by October 2017, the devil had reared his ugly head and revealed himself.

    My memory has evaded me for a lot of things. I felt as though my life was literally being sucked out of me. My health felt like it was on a rapid downward spiral. I began to look gaunt, strange and lost weight. I was short-tempered and was always shaking nervously. I always felt as though something was stifling my breath. I could not as much as yawn without feeling an extreme tightness in my throat. It was revealed to me by people who pray for me with all supplication that he made a pact with the devil so that I would die, and in return, he will prosper and be powerful. It was also revealed to me that he had a time limit set on my life to carry out his evil deeds.

    The individual disappeared from the marital home (a downstairs apartment at my parent's residence) for 12 days. During that time, in one of the brief telephone conversations I had with him, I mentioned that he needed to pray and read Psalm 91. The response received by the individual on the other end was, "that is dangerous." I instantly felt an unsettling chill and I began to pray earnestly with my parents as I felt within my spirit that something was terribly wrong.

    Strange things began to take place. I sought spiritual help with my parent's aid and because of the tender mercies of Jesus Christ I began to see everything clearly. I mended the relationships with my family and siblings and sought their prayer intercessions. I knew that I would not live to see November 2017 if I did not leave my country. On Oct 26th 2017, I resigned from my job and left the country secretly. The day I left, my parents told the individual that he needed to gather his belongings and leave instantly.

    While they were cleaning out the house after his departure, they found things that he had hid unknowingly to us in the house like two small urns. My parents have since gotten our home blessed. However, my parents, siblings and I have been having many evil dreams and I know that he and others are sitting around in counsel and are calling upon things that are not of God to seek me out and devise my hurt (to repay his debts to Satan so he could prosper).

    We pray earnestly asking God for deliverance. Due to the fact that I was not aware of what was done to me until years after, because Jesus stepped in at the right time to save me and put me in a safe place, I know that the marriage was a sham and was not sanctioned by God. My appearance has, by the grace of God, returned to normal since I have moved away and have continued to remain prayerful and plead the blood of Jesus over my family and I and the situation.

    In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare and decree victory for my family and I. I am asking for your prayers and intercessions in the name of Jesus Christ to pray for complete deliverance from evil for my family and I. I have complete faith that God will move mountains and as mentioned before, I believe in the power of prayer in numbers. Matthew 18:20, "For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst."

  • US Army Ranger needs prayers

    The love of my life is getting ready to undergo very serious and dangerous brain surgery. He is a ranger in the US Army and is overseas right now. His heart is not very strong and prayers are needed to keep his heart strong during and after the surgery so that he can come home alive. Thank you

  • Family

    For my daughter in law Carri. Ask the Holy Spirit to pray for her to have peace with me Anna, her mother in law. Bless me and Carri to have a better relationship. Carri is not doing well and I want to help her but she is not talking to me for months. So I can't help her if I don't know the problem. I don't know if she is hurting over the loss of 2 puppies or there is trouble in her marriage.
    My sister Helen is the cause of breaking up our relationship. And no one will help me. So I am reaching out to the Holy Spirit to work a miracle for me and Carri. Thank you, Anna

  • Financial Freedom

    Please people of God, help me plead God to forgive me of my wrongdoing that led me into serious debts. I am sinking. It is causing so many discomfort in my spiritual and physical life. It is bringing me down in all areas, I feel so stressful and worried at times. Each time I am about to come out, something happens and I sink back in again. Please, Pray for God to just raise me up from the pit of debts, cleanse me and help me stand again. May God bless you as you tirelessly intercede for us, may He meet your needs too, in Jesus Name, Amen.

  • What God has joined togther let, no man set asunder

    Lord, I pray for myself and my fiance. Restore to us to our love and the future we have began creating that the enemy has stolen through the evil works that come from the mother of his daughter to seperate us. Heal every wound in us, calm every storm (Mark 4:39) and let your word go forth and prosper for which you have sent for we trust you have began a good work in us and you shall complete it.

  • With God all things are possible

    Lord, I pray for myself and my children. Restore to us everything that the enemy has stolen. Heal every wound, calm every storm (Mark 4:39), hear every prayer and meet every need!

  • Please pray

    Please join me in prayer that Kevin realizes what a big part of his life I was and that he really is in love with me. We have leaned on each other for almost 8 years and we know each other better than anyone else. Please, please pray that he realizes his mistake in walking away from what we worked so hard to build together, and he comes back ready to commit to me and our relationship. Please. Amen.

  • instant healing

    please lord do one of your miracle healings over Manuel de Souza who has got kidney failure touch him heal him with your stripes in Jesus name the de voice is family prays

  • Please HELP

    Satan has been attacking me physically and spiritually for a number of years already and I cant take it anymore, Please help, not sure how long I can deal with this anymore. Thank you, blessings

  • Two kidney problem

    Praise the lord Bro Please pray my daughter K FRANTHI KEERTHANA 7years age Suffered with witchcraft two kidney problem He Dialysis15 days now in( 6 Times DIALYSIS) Dischage 25/01/2015 Blood is now low 4.2 please pray Blood ingress in 13.07 & Creantine now 2.07 Please pray low ingress0.00 now weight 12kg ingress 22kg Gandhi hospital in hyderabad Doctor told put on machain Stomach Operation In home only in Dialysis longlife Bat our god is Operation Cancle give a new kidneys I belive bro Please Please Please pray my daughter a Aman Aman Aman Iam (INDIAN)

  • Prayer to marry the man I love

    I wish to submit my petition at the Holy Feet of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ; that I get married to the man I love. I love him deeply and I wish to spend my entire life with him (as his spouse).
    Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, never was it known, who came to you with their heartfelt desires was ever left disappointed; with this faith, confidence and belief, I come to you…
    Oh Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, please hear and answer me!

  • my brother who is suffering from evil powers

    Please pray for my brother who is suffering from evil powers. he is in dangerous condition. please pray.

  • How God remembered me

    Do you need any type of loan for your business or for personal use, contact, where you can get loan from and this man is a legit and God fearing man.


  • Miraculous healing needed

    Please pray for miraculous healing, divine protection, and divine guidance for Cynthia Porter; Donna Porter and her pets; Debora Koenig and her family and their pets; Valerie Denny and her family and their pets; Gaby Backhausen; and Julio Caraballo. Thank you.

  • Dr.Revered

    Brethren I need prayers for my sister Esther she has a kidney problem and she is HIV positive she has complications most of the time I believe in the saving power of the Lord Jesus that he is able to save and heal her

  • healing and deliverance

    Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth Please pray for the healing, deliverance from satanic forces, and protection from human and supernatural evil agents for my daughter Lauren Jenkins. May the blood of Christ compel and strengthen her to fight them and take her medication as required so she may fulfill the destiny HE and JESUS have for her. No weapon formed against her shall prosper.

  • Marriage and baby

    Please for Deepthi and her sister Mythri jayamani Jenifer Annalkani and Nisha that these people marriage should get fixed immediately without any delay. From long time they are all waiting.
    Kavitha Savitha Melvin Sujatha Selvarani Nagdevi Karunya Prashanthi shailaja Neetha jecintha , these people should get conceive immediately without any delay, they are all waiting for long time. They are expecting baby so much. Please pray.
    And also my marriage arrangements and God should meet all needs. Everything should go smoothly

  • Marriage

    I wish to submit my petition at the Holy Feet of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ; that I get married to the man I love. I love him deeply and I wish to spend my entire life with him (as his spouse).
    Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, never was it known, who came to you with their heartfelt desires was ever left disappointed; with this faith, confidence and belief, I come to you…
    Oh Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, please hear and answer me!

  • Divine Favour and Mercy with an immigration case

    I need prayers related to immigration to Canada. I have applied for permanent residence but I have a case pending and a decision to be made soon on my file. The possibility of a negative decision being made is very high in my situation. Please pray with me that God will touch the hearts of the case officers working on my file so that I am not found inadmissible to Canada. It is my desire that I receive a positive decision that is favourable to my stay here in Canada. This is a life-altering moment in my life and that of my family. Please, please , please remember me in prayers. Thank you.

  • Prayer for job and deliverance

    Please please for me to father in heaven with great and deep request in heart. Because if feeling so far away from the Lord therefore please pray to the Lord to let him show me his mercy and unfailing and bring me back in his presence. And also please pray for me to get some job. Thank you so much

  • Please pray

    Husband to consider counseling, he is becoming irrational, eratic and mean. The person to.convince him to go does ir, and does it well

  • Miss

    I pray for a miracle in my examination result in my test, exam and the one am about to write that God in his infinite mercy grant me an unmerited favour and grace. I also pray for financial assistance in my career and for the special intentions of those who requested my prayers, that God should grant them there heart desires.

  • Prayer for Mummy who passed away & return of 2 of her lost things

    HI. God Bless you for praying for this. Please pray for Mummy (Catherine) who passed away on Sunday 1/14/18, 11:38 PM. I am heart broken. Please also pray that the nursing home she was in finds the blanket I gave her & the sweater my brother gave her, it means a lot to us to have these things, please. I have been praying to Saint Anthony for days. We looked EVERYWHERE. I don't want to think anyone took it. Please God, please return the items to us. Please

  • Request to pray for myself and my dearest one

    Please pray that the Lord heal our wounded hearts and keep us united and get back the money at the earliest from the one who is supposed to give back to us.

  • Apply for a Full time Job.

    Please pray for me. I need a New Full-time Job. With Excellent pay and insurance benefits retirement plan. I need a miracle to happened in my life.

  • Begging for love

    Dear God I deeply fall in love with a guy and I want to marry that desired person. Pls help me. I can't imagine my life without him. He is my world. But he hasn't no feelings for me. Pls make him fall in love with me and I really want him as my husband. Pls pray for me. As soon as possible that guy would propose to me. Within this year that guy would marry me with parents acceptance.

  • Husband Oppression and Marriage Restoration

    Please lift the devil's influence from my husband. Let the darkness & anger fade away, and lift the veil of oppression from him. Sever & destroy any spiritual ties or soul bonds in Jesus' name. Let him see the truth without the interference of evil. Pray for those helping in removing the devil from our lives & marriage. I have been blessed to find a local pastor who is a great comfort in these dark times. Lord, save our marriage & love.

  • My heart Lord

    I'm praying for restoration in my relationship with Steven. I know what God has spoken to me. Steven is going through a difficult time and has "stepped away" we need a miracle. I've prayed MANY times during our relationship, God never said to leave or give up. . This contradicts everything God spoke to me. I'm devastated. I know God is in even this, but I could use strength. .. peace.. reassurance. . I need something only God can do. I know God has this, but I wish He'd let me know that He does. I feel like I'm the only one that believes in it.. I feel lost. This hurts so bad. I know God has a plan to bring him back, but... we need a miracle. A miracle is God turning the impossible to the possible, if it made sense to everyone else it wouldn't be a miracle.

  • Please restore my true friendship

    Holy Mother,

    I know you are the only hope. Please forgive my all Sins and restore my friendship with Subha stronger and healthier than before. I couldn't do anything because it is hurting me. Please make her understand my true friendship and real care towards her. I thank you and give all the glory to you for hearing and solving my friendship issues. Amen.

  • Financial breakthrough and mantifested now into my life.

    I have been through what have been through long enough,I have been praying and praying confessing etc..and now is my time,and my financial blessings to be truly mantifested in the natural releam now.amen

  • Deliverance

    Please pray for me that I may not have transfer this year. I have many spiritual blocks in my life that doesn't let progress in my life. I feel helpless and confused. Thanks

  • Re: For Healing.

    Dear Venerable Sir or Madam.
    I would like to request you pls remember my loving mother in your everyday payers, her good name is Mrs, Haleema Shaukat. Who is suffering cancer disease. She is in ICU. She is believer of Jesus Christ with her true faith. Being her son I make a deeply request all of you kindly pray for her good health, May the almighty Lord of God heal her by his loving son JESUS CHRIST. Also prayer for those who are facing any kinds of disease.
    God bless you.
    In Christ Your Brother,
    From Pakistan.

  • Re: For Healing.

    Dear Venerable Sir or Madam.
    I would like to request you pls remember my loving mother in your everyday payers, her good name is Mrs, Haleema Shaukat. Who is suffering cancer disease. She is in ICU. She is believer of Jesus Christ with her true faith. Being her son I make a deeply request all of you kindly pray for her good health, May the almighty Lord of God heal her by his loving son JESUS CHRIST. Also prayer for those who are facing any kinds of disease.
    God bless you.
    In Christ Your Brother,
    From Pakistan.

  • Miracle

    I am asking for prayers for Frank, the father of my unborn baby daughter. I ask that God heal his depression, show him direction, open his heart to love, and give him the courage, strength and wisdom to het the help he needs straighten out his life. Remind him of his purpose and lead him down the right path. Show him the way to Jesus and allow God's Will to guide us. We love him and we need him in our lives.

  • Break Every Chain O Lord

    Dear Team,

    I am a 39-year old man in dire need of prayers, any intercessory prayer on my behalf by you will be appreciated.

    1. I have been battling a health challenge for over 15 years now without any improvement. My memory has deteriorated significantly, I have frequent episodes of fatigue and my eyeballs seem heavy most time. All diagnostic tests have so far been unable to uncover what exactly is wrong with me. Naturally,this situation weighs me down a lot. As a result of my poor memory I have not really advanced as I would have liked in my career and relationships.
    2. I find myself in a job which leaves a lot to be desired in terms of job satisfaction.
    3. My finances are not in the best of shape. I have so may plans of things I would like to accomplish but my finances cannot meet all these needs.
    4. I just got married and I am praying that God blesses my wife and I with babies this New Year.
    5. Sometimes I find myself holding on to negative emotions like envy of my peers whose lives have turned out better than mine.
    6. I have uncontrollable blasphemous thoughts.
    7. I am plagued by guilty feelings concerning my negative thoughts towards people and Godly things and I find myself feeling down as a result
    8. I am unable to pray coherently and when I think I do, I don't feel God is near or listening.
    9. I also want to commit my brother into God's hands. I pray he has a great breakthrough in terms of getting investors to back his business ideas and at favourable terms.
    Please pray for me.

    Thank you.

  • Prayer to marry the man I love

    I wish to submit my petition at the Holy Feet of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ; that I get married to the man I love. I love him deeply and I wish to spend my entire life with him (as his spouse).
    Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, never was it know, who came to you with their heartfelt desires was ever left disappointed; with this faith, confidence and belief, I come to you…
    Oh Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, please hear and answer me!

  • plzz pray for RECONCILIATION and RESTORATION of our broken relationship

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    I want my ex-bf back. He is my HEARTDESIRE, AND I LOVE AND MISS HIM.
    I do not want any other man !
    I am just suffering and desperate, I want him to come back. Our relationship broke at the end of October (2017)
    We spoke already about marriage in 2018.
    I just want him back, and I DONT WANT SOMEONE ELSE !!!!
    Pleaseeee HELP ME with prayers.
    By the way his name is Bilal.
    Iam Elisabeth (from germany) - Thank you in advance for ur intercession.
    GOD can make a WAY, where there SEEMS to be NO WAY............ Even in the desert HE can make flowing rivers !!!!

    Elisabeth Stankovic

  • mr

    please pray for my soul for deliverance thank you

  • healing and job

    request to pray as boss harassing me to leave, but i am suffering from saitica and spondilitis ibs , all treatments failed , if i go eleswhere i get terminted as i wont able to cope with work pressure here its less due to back and neck pain disablity , i am facing financial problems as my house old need repairs, provison legal feeds dispute with landlord , high medical bills i worried and depressed to provide a way out

  • Broken relationship

    My Lord oh creator please bless us with ur love. He has cancelled our wedding my kids dont know i am so depressed feeling humiliated how am i going to cope. Please i beg for a miracle that he will change and will show true love for me. That if there is another woman beyond this to please keep her away. God bring happiness in this house.

  • For good job

    Dear brothers and sisters Im Mrs.Jean from india mangalore..I got married before the 7 husband dont have job..he is a good person meternal family very poor...he is searching job..before the marriage he worked as a pest control technician in united arab emerites..plz pray for my bro inlow, my sis..and my whole family ..plese pray for us, and im praying for u..thank u

  • need the Lord

    Lord help me to pay a bill

  • Relationship

    Please pray for me that my lover returns to me as he is reluctant to marry due to financial problems.And hence he is purposefully avoiding me.Its difficult for me to forget him and move on.My family is compelling me to get married.Hope the intervention of God will bring a miracle to both of us.Please do pray for us.

  • Urgent Prayer request

    Thank you God holy mother Mary jesus for hearing my prayers . Im sorry if i dont often say it enough i do love you and i cont to pray daily. Anxious and fearful . . Thank you for answered prayers below as per my highest best good .

    Please pray for me and my kids to experiance financial freedom for poverty lack of money to be eliviated and fear of lack . Please grant us sufficient money for food bills essentials . If possible please help me to heal from these fears and my kids as we ended up creating anxiety of lack worrying on daily basis. Please help us holy mother mary Jesus dear God . Please also create peace happiness joy anongst me my kids my home and heal us mind body spirit . Bestow Gods wisdom love around us . Please help me if possible to be safeguarded from any ill intent such as previous unfair survelance by former employer cah who dismissed me a year ago caused me ill health anxiety and took my job .. please help me through my last tribunal hearing this week the 19 th . Help me to gain succesful rightful conpensation that includes loss of esrnings too as i struggled financially to date . Please help me for i have no legal support and im thankful to god for seen me through this far inspite of health impacted. Help me gain the support i need in this and do not allow employers to get a separate hearing . Guide the judge and tribunal to help me see how im effected and come to. Allow justice . If possible enlighten them to settle dear God holy mother mother teresa jesus .. they imposing great stress o n me cannot find peace always anxious fearful .. i seem Just fair decision and finalise everything friday as i cannot cope with any more delayed tactics. I seek sucesful rightful compensation for i was unfairly treated as per my disability- Spine issues fybromylgia depression etc .. i lost a job i loved and relying on welfare which isnt good as i have skills and can help others . Please help me gain the breakthroughs i need. Lastly please help my mum helen in cyprus nicosia to heal mind body spirit and adhere to her medication . Please pray her right eye heals soon so no op is needed and help her t receive the full welfare support she needs to remain in the home . Pray for those who pray for me for love joy good health and for world peace
    Thank you i love you help me stay keep my faith . Thank y for never leaving me . Please pray help everyone who prays for me i live y

  • Alzheimers

    My father Dr Richard Wright needs your prayers as he is struggles with this disease please help him thankyou.

  • Alzheimers

    My father Dr Richard Wright needs your prayers as he is struggles with this disease please help him thankyou.

  • Prayer request

    Plz kindly pray for me to solve all my maternal problems nd to get pregnant soon am not able to concieve child married since 3.5yrs..

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  • I did not believe that I would be healed from the sickness that almost took my life. I want to ask for forgiveness that I could not see it possible. Thank you, G-d for healing my body.
    I do not believe that my soul can heal, but I know I'm being foolish again, my soul will heal, too. So I'm thanking G-d for the healing of my soul. May I live in respect, honor, prosperity and peace and be loved. May I never go through the immense suffering I put myself through. And forgive and help the partner who helped me and also made me suffer like that.

  • MY FRIENDS.. I don't believe what happened.... My problem was suddenly resolved witnin ~1 week after 6 years of blockage. I turned back and found my prayer request in this website. THANKS A LOT TO GOD an all of you for your prayers. I can't believe this, and I don't know what to write. I am just in shock.. I swear you it was resolved within 1 week after 6 years of blockage..It's unbelievable. I was not fully christian, and not living in a christian country; but just requested from Jesus........... Oh my God..Thanks A LOT.. I really wonder who prayed for me.

  • Thank you to all those who prayed for us. Last week, I attended Court and by the grace of God, I was acquitted. Those servants of the devil were not believed by the judge, who was appointed by Jesus to destroy their wicked plot. Thank you to Jesus, Mary, the Holy Spirit, to St Anthony, St Charles the Good, St Therese, St Joseph and St Michael.
    Thanks again to all of you who remembered is in your prayers! God bless you all! 🙂

  • I prayed that the Lord help me find strength to get through an MRI, and he did. Thank you so much, Lord. You are an almighty and ever loving God.

  • Don had a perfect procedure done this morning on his heart. Everything went flawless. Thank You Dear Lord. " I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever."

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