Proving God Exists

Proving the Existence of God… Part 1

Understand that many people today are wandering this earth… a little lost. Many come from broken families, broken religions or non-religions and have broken lives. Too many people were never taught the basics about God… and the power and mercy of God… who we call “Father”. Many of these same people are searching for something they know is missing from their lives… they just don’t know exactly what they are searching for. Your goal here is not to win an argument… but rather to awaken the dormant spirit of God… the Breathe of God himself… in that very individual you are talking with. So be patient… be kind… be understanding. And remember, the best way to spread the word of God is thru actions…. only using words when necessary.

The other day, I observed an argument taking place between a Christian Man… and a very well schooled, very smart professional. It went something like this,

“You state that Jesus was both a man and god, it doesn’t address how this is possible. That is, it doesn’t answer the question. How can someone be fully a man and fully not a man? “
The only answers I’ve gotten so far from you are ‘because I say so’ and ‘because this guy says so’, neither of which is compelling… We’re back to your claim that Jesus was, somehow, both fully human and fully not-human, which is the equivalent of a two-dimensional shape that’s both fully a circle and fully a square, or a vehicle that’s both fully a car and fully an 18-wheeler.”

The young Christian man kept repeating that Jesus was fully Man… and fully God. “Because he was Fully God… he can do anything and be anything he wants.”

Now for those who operate on faith… using that answer in proving God exists… is sufficient. But in a world where truth is often distorted and simple faith hard to find, we must answer this question in a fashion that others, with weak or little faith, can understand… and more importantly.. accept.

So we will teach you how to handle this argument going forward…

The first step in the process of answering this question… You both must agree that God exists.

Ask the person this question “Who or What created the Universe?”  If they say they don’t know… at least they are being honest.  If they come up with some weird bizarre claim that is just fantasy or a evil gimmick to try and turn a serious conversation into an argument and rouse your emotions… do not argue.  Simply walk away or change the subject of the conversation.  But if they are genuine and sincere in having a real discussion with you, continue.

If they say “it always was and always will be”  Acknowledge their response as understandable… which on the surface it is… but then ask them this question…

“If I can prove to you right now that the Universe was not “Always there and Always will be and was indeed created by God”  Would you change your belief… and at the end of our conversation believe in God?” Wait for their answer. If No… then don’t answer them. They are wasting your time. If yes… then continue.

Now Let’s Prove That God Exists!

Before we go on always remember this… there is a saying which states… “If I tell you something it is not necessarily true… but if you tell yourself the same thing… it becomes true.”
Please remember, people must not be preached at… people need to be led with truth and facts… understand them… and then they will arrive at the same conclusions and answers with you.

Ask the person…

  • Can a rock, a particle of light, an atom or any element… create anything intentionally with Math or Logic?  Their answer, if they are sane, should be No.horsehead-nebula-hubble-620
  • Wouldn’t you agree that if a mathematical formula exists… that has been scientifically proven… that that formula must have originated from something with intelligence? Again, they should agree.
  • If there are thousands of mathematical formulas that exist and have been proven true by scientists and mathematicians over four thousand years… and current science has stated that the probability of these formulas being created by chance or randomly are nil… wouldn’t you agree that this would support the argument that whomever the entity was that created these formulas was intelligent? Of course it does. 
  • So would that not rule out atomic particles, rock, dirt, blackholes, light, gravity etc etc since they are all governed by mathematical laws and every innate object has no intelligence?  Of course it rules them out.
  • Many strict mathematician’s believe in Max Tegmark’s “Mathematical Universe” Theory. It states that

    “Indeed the universe is mathematical in its existence and growth. What our mathematics does is to look in to behaviors of phenomena of the universe and describe them formally (empirically). Our mathematics is not superbly and highly sophisticated enough compared to the mathematics of the universe, to perfectly fit and describe a natural phenomenon with full certainty. Nothing in the universe exists without mathematical behavior. Let Ω be the universe and let ζ∈Ω be any phenomena observed in the universe. What are the probabilities to describe ζ and know what it is and how it behaves in any other means than mathematics ? The answer is none.”

    Ask them if they knew that the majority of the scientific community believes this theory?  And whether mathematicians or scientists admit it – this theory reinforces a Universe of Intelligent design.

  • So if a single rock, nor a single particle, nor any animal or human could have created these mathematical formulas… and then set them in motion creating an entire universe – both visible and invisible – which is governed by these mathematical formulas and laws… then by the process of scientific and mathematical elimination, it proves that there must have been an original creator of this universe… an Advanced Intelligence… too incomprehensible for us to understand as humans.
Our Almighty Father and Creator

Our Almighty Father and Creator

This entity… is God… God Our Father

What exactly God is at this point in the discussion… we cannot simply comprehend. Only that he exists.

And wouldn’t you agree… that using this same science and logic… the assumption that the only entity capable of suspending these same scientific laws of gravity, motion and the entire universe… would be that same entity who created them… the entity known as “God.”?

At this point you don’t want to get into Why God created things, is God an Active or Passive Participant in the lives of Men.  You simply need them to acknowledge that God exists.  By achieving that, you begin to awaken their soul and force them to eventually admit that there is more out there.. then they can see with their eyes.  And that because God exists… they exist… and must serve a purpose in his plans…

Now for the fun part – Part II -We will tackle proving that Jesus Christ is God. (To be continued in next couple of days)


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  1. My answer to God’s existence & science was always this: Isn’t God a bit of a scientist!? It came to me when I was really young. I felt the holy spirt whenever was sincere as I talked about God. It’s much simpler then to remember that God is a scientist, God is everything! So, next time, use my quote— Don’t you think God is a bit of a scientist!? 😝 stops em in their tracks- sometimes.

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