The Mystery of the Holy Trinity Explained

All too often, it has been said that “The Holy Trinity is a concept that is impossible for any human being to fully understand, let alone explain.”   Today, on this the Feast Day of the Holy Trinity, You will now understand.

“Are you not a father to your children?
A husband to your wife?
A brother to your sisters?
And a son to your mother?
You are all of these different people… yet each person sees and thinks of you in a very different way —

Yet … are you not the same being?

So it is with I.
I am God the Father. I am Jesus Christ. I am the Holy Spirit. 3 Persons… One Being. “

The Father:

God is all powerful and truly incomprehensible to man as we discussed in the post Proving God Exists. God the Father is the creator of all things.  We can not even imagine his capabilities, his power and his magnificence.  All we know Is he is the Father, The Creator of All.  So in order for this incomprehensible God to communicate with us in a direct fashion, and tell us what he wanted us to know… this Almighty God…  made the decision to speak to his beloved creation… in another form that was understandable to Man… Another Man…. Jesus Christ (the Son)

The Son

Jesus Christ was the physical manifestation of the Great God Almighty in a form we could all understand. Jesus was not a creation of God, but rather a form of God made Flesh. Consubstantial means, coming from the same substance… Son is “begotten” “before all ages” or “eternally” of the Father’s own being.  Light from Light, True God from True God.  Since God the Father can do all things… why not take on the form of Man to speak to Man?  If you think about it, it was rather a simple, straight forward solution to talk to us directly.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is like the Breathe of God.  It is not of the flesh world… but rather the spiritual world.  Think of it like Love.  A Mother loves her child… and a child loves her mother.  Yet that Love is not physical.. it can not be touched… or dropped on the floor… yet is as real as the person themselves.   No one doubts that there Love is real…. so it is with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is God all around us, his very Love for us… committed to us… and his Spirit, his always present Spirit is available to be touched and invoked always.. and at every moment… so long as we are not distracted by other things, you can feel the Spirit of God.  And when the Spirit of God touches you, you can actually feel a bit of Heaven on Earth.  The Power to do what others deem impossible, a Love so Genuine, it fills the soul.  This is how we touch God everyday.

So there you have it… To All, he is the Father…. to others he is viewed as the Son…. and to others.. he is always present as the Holy Spirit.  All 3 different persons… Separate and Unique, but all three the “Same Divine Being…. the Great God Almighty.”


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