Why Do We Pray?  There is nothing more worthwhile than to pray to God and to converse with him, for prayer unites us with God as his companions. As our bodily eyes are illuminated by seeing the light, so in contemplating God our soul is illuminated by him. St. John Chrysostom

Dedicated Prayer Sections

Prayers to God the Father Almighty

Prayer to Jesus Christ the Son of God

Prayer to The Holy Spirit Born from the Love of the Father for the Son

Prayers to Mary – Blessed Mother

Prayers to St. Michael Protector of God’s Loved Ones

Prayer for a Miracle

Divine Mercy Chaplet






5 Comments on "Prayers"

  1. Favor over our life’s me sons mother Tracy Chelsea in everything and in all things everything to work in our favor in everything situations outcomes circumstances

  2. please help prayerfor lis kiyoshi hasegawa ,for luisa matiko hasegawa andyour family.thanks

  3. Vijaykumar Khandare | September 11, 2018 at 12:51 pm | Reply

    Pray for my promotion as a stenographer. Pray for my mother’s health and mentally protection and protection from enemies and pray for my children’s Janhvi Anuma Udayan for good habits and for study for good future. Pray for my sister brother and our children’s success and protection from enemies and neighbour pray for financial growth and health. Pray for moreshwar nagers progress and construction pray for granting scheme of construction to me. Pray for my wife Mandakini for good habits and health and control on tongue and anger. Pray for my mental health and pray for granting writ.Pray for granting financial growth and health. Pray for God’s guidance. Thanks

    • We have prayed for you and your family. Vijay… I need you to forgive those who have hurt you and done you wrong. The bitterness you are holding deep inside is hurting you. When you forgive, there are 2 healings. Theirs…. and yours. I also feel God smile upon you and your family. Your devotion has not gone unnoticed. Continue to be a shining light for others who walk in darkness. May God, thru his Son – Jesus Christ – continue to Bless you and your future generations. Peace my friend.

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