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  • BIg Changes

    I ask for big financial breakthrough and turnaround. My financial situation is not good and more bills will be coming soon. I also ask for absolute and complete protection from harm and trouble and to be guided to safety. I need The lord's Blessings.
    Many Thanks.

  • job related

    Please pray for my job as well for my papers in Canada. I ma going through bad days .


    please YOU HELP ME
    FOR Healing left Leg
    tank you BLESSING

  • Healing

    Please stand in agreement to my prayer that God would heal and restore my left testicle atrophy due to nerve problem. I believe I receive my healing miracle.

  • Job

    Please pray for me to get a good job!
    Thank you! God bless you!

  • Recovering from black magic

    My husband affected by black magic.
    Please pray for him to recover from it.

  • Prayer requests for my son and wife.

    Myname is Siju My wife's name is Gopika she is suffering from borderline personality disorder ..he abandoned my son who is autistic ... please pray to Christ to cure my wifes mental illness ...and come back to me to look after my child who s name is badri... Poor boy who can't talk ... he can't do anything without anyone's help...he needs his mother back .
    My son can't survive with his mother please pray for my wife and son.... please I am deeply depressed... thinking... What to do

  • Marriage

    My husband is leaving us.he signed a lease at another house and seeking divorce. My heart is broke and I’m scared to death for me and my daughter. Please pray that he doesn’t move out and leave us. It would take a miracle

  • Marriage

    My husband is leaving us.he signed a lease at another house and seeking divorce. My heart is broke and I’m scared to death for me and my daughter. Please pray that he doesn’t move out and leave us. It would take a miracle

  • Fix my marriage relationship with my lover by stopping all fights and removing any black magics happened and protect both of us.

    My name is bhradwaj, I am in a big trouble, iam in love with a girl named Reshma Patkure since almost 6 years, we are loving each other very deeply. I was blindly trusted some of my friends and all had spoiled me inorder to separate from my girl and parents, now I had completely changed and Iam struggling to marry my girl, but daily some or other issues, misunderstands happen and fight will start and stop between us. I dont know whether somebody had done black magic to my girl. whatever i had i removed it and i want to pray on behalf of her. One proposal had come for her, and we want to cancel it and her parents and my parents should accept us to get married soon. Iam hardly living my life with pain, feels to end up life sometimes. Please pray for us with Jeasus to give success in love marriage and remove all blackmagic, evil eyes and obstacles between us and protect our life without fighting us for any reason. And make us live happily together as husband and wife.

  • windfall

    Lord, i am praying to win the jackpot in the lottery here in canada. I am praying for a windfall of financial remedy for debts and loans, for my family and for myself and for the people who also need some help. I pray in jesus name. Amen

  • Financial Breakthough

    Please pray that God bless me financially today. I am in need of a stable place to stay and help to discern some things going on in my life.

  • *B.E.L.I.E.F.S. from P.U.S.H.E.S.!*

    *BECAUSE EMANUEL LIVES, I EXPECT FAVORS SPIRITUALLY-SUDDENLY from PRAYING UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS EXTRAORDINARILY SPIRITUAL!*: this very September, 2018 date; I need PRAYERS for these petitions-pleas: (a)absolute complete total cure & healing of my entire being(b)from the crown of my head thru the tips of my toes/c.(aches, ailments, pain, stiffness, suffering dropped 'n 2 a bottomless pit w. no destination or U-turn(d)a financial MIRACULOUS BLESSING wiping out all my debts(e)communication from Robert Brown

  • Ms

    Please pray for my boyfriend Jordan and father of my baby to change and come to God. He doesn't care about me or anything. He needs God in his life. He is suffering from the spirits of lies, cheating, selfishness and lust. Please pray for his deliverance and salvation. For him to be touched by the holy spirit. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

  • Total healing for Mom

    Please pray for my Mom, Sylvia. Please pray that her kidneys fully heal, that all levels in her body go back to normal and for no heart failure or lung problems such as emphysema or COPD or any other problems or conditions in her body, for her white blood cell count to go back to normal with no infection, that they do not misdiagnose her because they do not know what is wrong or give up and accept her current health levels as a "new normal" because they cannot figure out what is wrong, for any and all medical doctors to find every problem and heal them all quickly and completely. Please pray for complete and total healing for my Mom, Sylvia and that her whole body is healed and that she is able to live another 30 years completely healthy and happy. Thank you and God bless.

  • Restoration of relationship with lover

    Praise the Lord!
    I have been in a relationship for last 6 years. I am a Hindu but my lover is a catholic. Both tried our level best to convince our parents for marriage. Im 30 yrs old and he is 6 months younger to me. We have gone through severe trauma and chaotic situations at home for getting married to each other. But even after waiting for 6 years, our parents werent convinced at all and they are still against our marriage. His name is Jiju.

    One fine day in 2017 Dec, his mother agreed for our marriage and so on next month his sister contacted me and talked for nearly an hour regarding our marriage. We were extremely happy, unfortunately after three days he called me up saying that this marriage would nt happen at all as expected because his parents wont support as in Older to him and also from different religion.
    To break me apart, the man whom i loved madly all of a sudden began treating me badly by verbally abusing me and avoiding me saying that he is gonna get married soon for his parents and so i should move on. He also said that his parents wanna see his kids, then told he would have married me if i were a Christian. I was totally broken and kept begging for a life. He started avoiding me saying that Im older so i wont obey him, he believes that issues may occur without the support of parents and hence this will end up in divorce. I talked to his mother and she brutally told me that she is looking for a daughter in law 3-4 years younger to her son and not an elder on!!! i was badly bruised when she assaulted me. I was dumped in deep agony. Because this was a 6 year old relationship and we were too close and all of a sudden when i was ousted out, i felt like dying.

    I have been a believer of Christ for past 15 years even though i didnt get baptised. Two months ago got baptised too, also i believe firmly in the living God, who can do wonders and miracles.

    I dont know what to do in this case. Im totally broken. I have been suffering from depression for the past 8 months due to this. I need a solution to this. Please pray for this. I happened to meet him and he feels guilty for dumping me and spoiling my life due to the arrogance and adamant nature of his parents, but told that he still cares for me and loves me...But his family has started seeking another proposals for him. He himself says he cant accept that girl, but he still loves me too but cant marry me due to the deteriorating health of his parents as well as their irritating nature which i wont be able to adjust with.

    Kindly pray on this matter. I just cant bear any more tension. I am leaving this matter to Almighty, let him take a decision. Both of us cant think of getting married separately and still have the same love and care for eachother but due to his mom, we are unable to get united. I need to reconciliate with him, kindly pray to restore the relationship.

  • RE: financial relief

    My name is Sherry Tate and i would like for you to join your faith with mine for the end result of abundance in my financial condition. Please agree with me for drastic change in my financial condition that favors me with income to sow seeds and move forward. Also, I am believing God for favor that releases a vehicle immediately to me.

  • Miracle money

    I need financial breakthrough to pay my bills

  • Prayer request for salvation and protection

    First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God's will be done in the lives of the world's leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country and that President Trump along with our leaders be filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might to declare the sins of Gods people. Please pray for revival and that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. Pray for the peace of Israel. Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven.In Jesus Name, Amen.

  • Ms

    Father in the name of Jesus please provide employment as Executive Chef for Justice Ashong in a good 5 star hotel in Ikeja. Thank You Lord in Jesus Name amen

  • Ms

    Father in the name of Jesus please provide employment as Executive Chef for Justice Ashong in a good 5 star hotel in Ikeja. Thank You Lord in Jesus Name amen

  • prayers of protection

    hi ive had no proper sleep for months mainly caused by demonic attacks sometimes the demons become nasty and speak through me,i ask humbly t6hat prayers be made on my behalf.regards declan

  • Need for a piece of land for building a house

    Thanks. I want to settle in my native place in a house of my own. My half-sister who had usurped my family property by dubious means with assistance of my father is refusing to give me my share of the earth. Please impress upon them to give me my share of the family property especially the required land for the construction of a house.Thanks to Mother Mary for Her intercession on my behalf.

  • Vertigo, Hair regrowth

    Good Afternoon
    I really want to heal from vertigo and nausea. I also wish to get my beautiful long healthy strong hair back and that it regrows were needed. Thak you so much

  • compleate Healing from a stroke

    James Miller has suffered from Ischemic stroke. James is paralyzed on his right side of his body, unable to move his right arm and right leg. He is unable to talk due to Aphasia. He is unable to use the restroom since he is unable to know when he needs the restroom . Lord God please come into James Millers life and cure him of this stroke that has taken so much from him. Please heal James, in Jesus name , Amen and Amen.

  • Gods helps always

    .Father-God, Mike, Consuelo Macias, Patricia Macias They a out victimess, us, with.a Spirit of a Witch Hunt Toward Us the  Granados Family, ready ALWAYS to accuse us of anything wrongs done, to Discredit us ,theses are suppose Be Believers In Christ ,We are victimised with a Spirit of Witch Hunt, by theses folks, seeking to what they can find wrong in us or to see what wrongs we have commited. They are Always Looking To Fnd Fault, Father-God HELPS Us
    In Jesus Name Amen
    Thank You

  • Cancer in pancreas

    I ask for prayers for my aunt who is suffering from cancer in her pancreas. I ask the Lord to ease her pain and put her in a calm state of mind. In Jesus Christ name, Amen.

  • Prayer request for my mom

    I am asking you from the bottom of my heart for your prayer to God and ask God to heal my mom. She is suffering from chronic liver disease,big kidney stones, heart problem overweight back, feet, legs, arthritis, varicose veins, thyroid, migraine, anxiety, depression and more. Please pray for my mom, I need her in my life and need God to completely heal her. Thank you.

  • Rev

    URGENT...plz pray diligently that God will cause Robert & Grace to close on their home 9/21/18 or sooner.....IMPORTANT!! Thanks very much!

  • Relationship Healing and Growth

    Please, G-d and Universe,
    Bring Elizabeth and me closer together and remove all obstacles that are keeping us apart. Heal and fully open our hearts, minds, and souls so that we can rapidly move forward in our relationship with each other without any reservations or concerns, now and forever. Make our relationship an invincible, prosperous and permanent one that lasts forever. I love you and I appreciate all your love and assistance. In this, I pray in your name, Amen.

  • *B.E.L.I.E.F.S. from P.U.S.H.E.S.!*

    *BECAUSE EMANUEL LIVES, I EXPECT FAVORS SPIRITUALLY-SUDDENLY from PRAYING UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS EXTRAORDINARILY SPIRITUAL!*: this very September, 2018 date-place-x; other is all inclusive of generational-physical-SPIRITUAL ; RE: my 5 siblings & myself;

  • Healing

    I pray for divine healing, restoration and growth in the relationship between EJ and I. Build our communication, trust, love and appreciation for one another. Build us a foundation to last through to a fruitful marriage together. Heal us thoroughly if the things that have come between us or couldnin the future. Heal us of our social anxieties, emotional fears, triggers and instability. Give us a comfort and urgancy to pursue one another intentionally. Take away our fear and inhibitions in the relationship between us. Help us to be honest and allow ourselves to address personal problems and grow as individuals to be better together. Heal us I’m ways only You can. Bring us together naturally. Let us be excited and comforted by one another. Keep us above all negativity and ill intent. Unspoken. Help Ej to see my positive attributes and accept them, not to shed a false shadow on me to more easily shit me out. Help me to learn how to communicate with him, particularly in conflict. Help me to learn the right emotional balance and to develop the lacking communication skills I have. Bless and keep us. I separately uplift my family, their health, prosperity and wisdom. Be with them individually. I particularly uplift my sister. Be with her and nurture her in any way she needs. I uplift some friends. I uplift a marriage. Heal them thoroughly let them be a positive example. Heal all those negatively affected. Lift any curses I or Ej may have. Unspoken.

  • Marriage

    Please pray for me I don't know between Jacob Modise and Thomas Masemola who is my life partner .Please pray for to get a sign from God who's my life partner between the two.I'm tired of heat breaking.. Pray for Tumi she is pregnant and might loose her baby.and pray for my baby Lethabo to be protected by God hands all the time

  • Soulmate

    Please pray for me to get a soulmate fast i need my other half in my life i want to get married and have a beautiful family in jesus name

  • Ayane's university

    Please pray for my university grades, as I got a questionable grade for one course despite attending all classes and completing all tests. I am very shocked, saddened and disappointed. Please pray that the Lord will allow my professor to remark and boost my grade. Please also pray for my relationship with my peers, colleagues and professors to be blessed.

  • Salvation & Same Sex Relationship

    Please pray for my daughter, Courtney, who has announced she is involved with a woman. Praying that the Lord would reveal HIS will for her life in a mighty way & remove anyone in her life that is not drawing her closer to HIM & HIS truth. May the Lord open her eyes to His will in such a mighty way that she cannot deny it's from Him. Praying also for our entire family - her husband (he left her before this) my husband (her Dad) and all my children, Lindsay & Ashlyn & my parents, to submit to Jesus' Lordship over their lives.

  • Please pray

    I pray I go into labor this week with a healthy baby boy. And that my husband gets offered the job he wants in jesus name amen.

  • financial helper

    Shalom,beloved saints please lift us up in prayer for financial help in ministries,to build the ministries of God,may God send financial helpers in our life's,Letlhabile,Brits,,

  • financial need

    please pray for my study institution debt to be written off. i had to stop studying as i was unwell. they want me to pay the fees which is so high. im trusting Jesus for a miracle. its so stressful and i need a breakthrough.

  • Return to sacraments

    Please pray for me to know that I am not beyond hope and can still save my soul.Please pray for me to return to the sacraments and correct some bad confessions and make good communions.

  • Scalp issue

    Please pray for Broc's scalp condition be healed and his hair stop falling out. Thanks and all glory goes to God! May He bless you prayer warriors!

  • severe financial crisis

    I am facing severe financial crisis. Kindly pray for me that I may clear all the debts.


    Please save life of my mother KALAWATI VISHWAS NAVGIRE suffering from BRAIN PROBLEM (APHASIA) , EPILEPSY , AND HYPERTENSION. Due to clotting of blood in brain ,regular circulation of blood in brain get stopped .So my mother has lossed her memory and unable to understand and speech correct words. I am assured that your few words prayer can save life of my mother.This is very emergency situation for my mother as she is not eating food and medicines properly . Day by day weakness is coming to my mother . Please pray urgently in your personal prayers , family prayers and coming church worship too.
    Virendra V. Navgire
    Misssion Compound ,
    Ganeshpur , Bhandara (MS )

  • Safety and protection for us and neighbors

    .God watch over uswhere we live at and neighbore bishop way st.
    In Jesus Name Amen

  • Employment needed

    Father-God, I NEED
    Your HELPS and Favor
    That I get hired at big-8.super
    Market as clean up person, let no one steal me the spot, I NEED the Employment.To Provide for My Wife and Children.Thank You
    In Jesus Name Amen

  • Son

    Please pray for my son Nicholas he is in need of god help and guidance to make the right decisions and choices, he is in a job that he is unhappy, miserable and depressed. Pray for him to find a job ASAP that he is happy in and lives a healthy and happy life without lies. Please pray for him... thank you

  • Protection from Satan and evil spirits attacking my son's marriage and family

    Please save my son's relationships, marriage and family. I pray for graces, guidance, wisdom, strength and courage for my son. Help heal him and his family. Remove satan and the evil spirits from his home. May he find solutions to his many problems including his finances and job.

  • Protection from Satan and evil spirits attacking my son's marriage and family

    Please save my son's relationships, marriage and family. I pray for graces, guidance, wisdom, strength and courage for my son. Help heal him and his family. Remove satan and the evil spirits from his home. May he find solutions to his many problems including his finances and job.

  • Prayer

    Pray for our Grandmother Lenora’s families and friends for strength and comfort in their time of need. Pray for Israel and the Jewish people. Pray for my family and for those who are sick for healing.. Pray for my mother and my father and their health, deliverance from alcohol addiction and needs. Pray for my older sister and her husband, pray for her two daughters and three sons. Pray for my little sister and her friend. Prayer for my brother for deliverance from any addiction and salvation, and pray for his girlfriend who is incarcerated, Pray for his two baby sons. Pray for my relationship with my next door neighbor for our relationship to grow stronger and better like never before pray that we won't break apart and her behavior also a miracle our relationship. Pray for my neighbor's whole family for deliverance, salvation also draws closer together. Pray for my neighbor's brother for deliverance for addiction and to turn his life around. Pray for my cousin Jason. Pray for My baby nephew Mason for healing and peace for the concern for his family. Pray for my cousin Stacey and her family. Pray for my uncle Arthur. Pray for the victims of the shooting in Florida at a school. Pray for the victims of the shooting in a school in Santa Fe, Texas. Pray for the victims of those whose experience domestic violence for peace and comfort. Pray for the Billy Graham Evangelist Association and the Graham family. Pray for the family and friends of John McCain. Pray for a sister in Christ who has cancer for healing and her daughter for deliverance from addiction. Pray for a sister in Christ coworker’s family for strength and comfort over a loss of a love one. Pray for a sister in Christ and her family for strength and comfort over the loss of her father. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ for their walk with the lord and their dreams all over the world and the churches also pray for the persecuted church in Africa. Pray for revival. Pray for families who had family members commit suicide for strength, comfort, peace, and guidance. Pray for my co-worker's sister for healing in his body and for those who are sick. Pray for a sister in Christ named Gina for her relationship with her husband for restoration and pray for her children for deliverance from wickedness and depression. Pray for another sister in Christ named Elvira for her relationship with her children and her child to be deliver from wickedness. Pray for our Pastor for healing in his body and pray for him and his family. Pray our former pastor family. Pray for people who are living hard lives for peace and protection in every area in their life and their prayers. Pray for the teenagers and the children in all the communities for deliverance and salvation. Pray for a sister in Christ for her campaign. Pray for the United States and the President. Pray for those who preaching and teach different believes to people for salvation. Pray for another sister in Christ named Carlena for her life and her children. Pray for Kathleen Francisco. Pray for a brother in Christ named Bruce Pablo and his family for strength and comfort over the loss of his mother. Pray for my coworker named Morris Antone for Healing from cancer. Pray for those who are heartbroken from relationships or other painful event for restoration. Pray for the children on the bus and the bus driver. Pray for my co-workers and pray for myself for restoration in my relationships, dreams to come to pass and face to face encounter with the lord. Pray for Victory and the victories of others

  • Mr.

    Dear Brother/Sister.. Please pray for me, i am taking drugs and I want to stop this..thank you and GOD bless you..Thank you

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Praise and Thanks to God for the following….


People Offering Thanks and Praise to God!

  • A541 helping out the lord king god queen creator rulers.
    A541 memoirs of Keith Trevor Larson.

    New World Order Bible.

    September 15, 2018

    I did not always start out rich and successful. I was with my mom who said “Trevor you and I are going to go to a new world universe kingdom and I want you to believe you are a king boy person. I want you to volunteer paid to help out whoever is the greatest richest most successful in this world.”

    I said “Yes mom.” I said “I will write letters to whoever it may concern that I will help out those who are the best richest most successful in this world universe kingdom.”

    Mom said “you are doing the right thing now.”

    Song: if you want to be great in God’s kingdom learn to be the servant of all.

    I said “I will help out those who rule the world.”

    The story goes that my letter to help went around the world. I went to many countries kingdoms states provinces. I was told “You Keith Trevor Larson won’t be labor you will be a lord king believer person.” KTL.

  • Thank you God for giving me and Abhishek strength to do things that pleases you. Helping us to be strong in our prayer helping us to do what we decide to do thank you father for being our God.

  • I and my friend used to pray daily for Job and he got interview call letter he wanted so much to work in this company. We both thank God so much for hearing our prayer and his grace and mercy upon us. THANK YOU MY LORD JESUS CHRIST. And thanks to all the God's people who prayed for us.

  • I prayed for my marriage with Abhishek and God did make a way for it to happen in his timing on a beautiful day. Thank you Lord for ur blessing upon us and hearing our prayer. Truly ur a true living God who answers our prayer thank you so much Lord Jesus Christ.

  • I did not believe that I would be healed from the sickness that almost took my life. I want to ask for forgiveness that I could not see it possible. Thank you, G-d for healing my body.
    I do not believe that my soul can heal, but I know I'm being foolish again, my soul will heal, too. So I'm thanking G-d for the healing of my soul. May I live in respect, honor, prosperity and peace and be loved. May I never go through the immense suffering I put myself through. And forgive and help the partner who helped me and also made me suffer like that.

  • MY FRIENDS.. I don't believe what happened.... My problem was suddenly resolved witnin ~1 week after 6 years of blockage. I turned back and found my prayer request in this website. THANKS A LOT TO GOD an all of you for your prayers. I can't believe this, and I don't know what to write. I am just in shock.. I swear you it was resolved within 1 week after 6 years of blockage..It's unbelievable. I was not fully christian, and not living in a christian country; but just requested from Jesus........... Oh my God..Thanks A LOT.. I really wonder who prayed for me.

  • Thank you to all those who prayed for us. Last week, I attended Court and by the grace of God, I was acquitted. Those servants of the devil were not believed by the judge, who was appointed by Jesus to destroy their wicked plot. Thank you to Jesus, Mary, the Holy Spirit, to St Anthony, St Charles the Good, St Therese, St Joseph and St Michael.
    Thanks again to all of you who remembered is in your prayers! God bless you all! 🙂

  • I prayed that the Lord help me find strength to get through an MRI, and he did. Thank you so much, Lord. You are an almighty and ever loving God.

  • Don had a perfect procedure done this morning on his heart. Everything went flawless. Thank You Dear Lord. " I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever."